The Post Paper Chase 2... Solution

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Chase Number Two... the solution

The second Paper Chase was launched on the second of May. This time two researchers cracked it in just over a week. Swiv and Ottox correctly emailed the answer to me and, in due course, received an h2g2 Teeshirt.

  • Clue 1: This time we're roving

    To places far and wide

    First stop a Capital river

    For a virtual ride

    Solution: A504091; Thames Boat Trip

  • Clue 2:Stay in virtual mode

    To visit a meet...

    Take a leaf from Wowbagger

    And attend as a sheet!

    Solution: A446519; h2g2Life... 02.10.2000.

  • Clue 3:Now cross the Atlantic

    To the good ole USA

    Where researchers from Colorado

    Met up for the day.

    Solution: A505955; Denver Meet-Up

  • Clue 4: Travel back in time

    To a festive celebration

    What do they use for reindeer

    In an 'upside-down' nation?

    Solution: A473366; Santa in Ozland

  • Clue 5: Now you travel further north

    For New Year in the east.

    It isn't where you think it is

    This great Cambodian feast!

    Solution: A359732; Chaul Chnam: The Cambodian New Year

  • Clue 6: Now travel to a festival

    Of pop, which sadly turned sour

    An on-the-scene reporter

    Tells the events of the hour.

    Solution: A389496; Roskilde 2000 - What happened

  • Clue 7: Locking horns with a swan

    Or cruising down the Avon?

    Sweet singing in the choir

    Will get this clue done!

    Solution: A376580; My Canal Trip

  • Clue 8:Keep a river in mind

    As you head across the sea

    with Reinhard on his bike

    For a Frankish jamboree!

    Solution: A437762; A Letter from the Loire, May 1999

  • Clue 9: Go due east to celebrate

    Another great tradition

    Spend time in snow, with warm log fires

    And learn of a TV transmission!

    Solution: A487145; New Year in Russia

  • Clue 10: Take a hike

    But wear strong shoes

    As we learn of a walk

    ... But whose?

    Solution: A457850; The Fish River Canyon Part 1

  • Clue 11:Castles in the air?

    ... no way!

    Look for where sculptures

    Made someone's day!

    Solution: A462160; The Virtual Reinhard: Almere Sand Sculptures


  • Clue 12:Go south, go south

    Way below Cancer

    For vehicles to plough with

    ... then send in your answer!

    Solution: A376508; Antarctic Vehicles

So, by adding all the last numbers of each clue, you should have arrived at a total of 44


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