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Charting the uncharted backwaters of the Universe
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New Visitors Section

Welcome to the h2g2as members page and to new members who have recently joined the group, it's great to have you with us. This page contains information for the members of the h2g2as as well as for anyone else who would like to join in the societies activities.

If you are new to the h2g2as then may I say a big warm welcome. I originally set up the site as a place that people can use to find out the latest space science news and discuss things with other like-minded people. If you would like to become a part of the h2g2 A/S then just put a message in one of the forums below and I will contact you. Of course by all means dive straight in and discuss anything right away.

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Members List

Below is the complete list of members that I know at present, if I have left you off be mistake please contact me and put me right. Also anyone who doesn’t have their hemisphere of residence filled in then please let me know which one applies to you.

The MembersAbout themHemisphere
Admiral ArticunoIs a fan of Astro-economics and find Emus very bland!!!Northern
Advocatus DiabolicusA danish sailor, a mate too, with a very limited experience of sextant-navigationNorthern
AlsoRan80ISS hunter extraordinaire.Northern
ArdzilHaving had a passing interest in the subject for a long time, Ardzil has recently finished an introduction to astronomy evening course at Glasgow University. SUBNorthern
Dr. AstrônomoOur very own Doctor of Astronomy (congratulations), Astrônomo is a real astronomer who has been studying pulsars, supernovas and magnetars. Is also interested in education in astronomy.Southern
Athena The CynicAthena loves everything about space, the cold everlasting endlessness of it, and the possiblities of the stars. 'I stargaze always and forever!'.Northern
Atlantic_CableBecame interested in astronomy when my grandfather got his telescope, through which Jupiter was barely visible. Now interested in the really deep space stuff.Northern
AuroraAn amateur astronomer, Aurora's lifetime ambition is to see the Aurora (hence the name) and notes Hale-Bopp as the last great event in the sky. SUB?
BookLoverLAn amateur astronomer, Loves books, Physics and LanguagesNorthern
DekeUses binoculars to observe on the outskirts of London, and earlier this year was able to fulfill a long held ambition to watch a space shuttle launch, STS102 Discovery. SUBNorthern
ChesebethFrom Australia, in the Blue Mountains, where the night sky is beautiful! Particular interests are space travel, ET possibilities, comets and meteorites.Southern
WoodpidgeonAn Irish amateur space and astronomy enthusiast, who likes nothing better than clear winter skies, a pair of binoculars and a mug of coffee. SUBNorthern
DancerLikes astronomy, but doesn't have enough time to persue it. Reads a lot of science fiction and looks at stars allmost every nightNorthern
Das Mouldy SandwichSpace is big, really big. That means there are big phenomina to observe which means there's big science to discover, learn, advance. The vastness of space seems to mirror the vastness of human possibilities and dreams for the future. Space is big and it has the power to make us think big.Northern
Dirk GInterested in anything astronomical and, well, up there. Owns only a small refractor and will hopefully will be joining a local group soon (Hampshire Astronomical Group).SUBNorthern
DragonflyDragonfly is the muse. The Muse's home is where you can meet and become a muse.?
EnergeticRobb978A wizz with Physics and Astronomy. ?
Engels42A physics and astronomy student, Engels42's main interest in astronomy is the theory, i.e. black holes and such matters. "Although I do love going out in the morning with my telescope, 8" relector."?
EuanDid two years of astrophysics at university before deciding lasers had better job prospects.Northern
Galaxy BabeInterested in anything astronomical and a possessor of large binoculars (though she has admitted to not knowing about binoculars).SUBNorthern
GnomonProlific Supporter of the Edited Guide. SUBNorthern
If the universe is infinite, then Im "a" center14 years old with heeps of unanswered questions swirling in his head - how did the universe begin... what caused the big bang... where did all the stuff come from...
HappyDudeGenerally interested in most aspects of astronomy but especially likes to observe the planets through binoculars.?
Jimi XInterested in naked-eye observing, pushing the limits of eyesight under really dark skies.Northern
Joanna (Princess of Darkness)Is in her second year of a physics with astrophysics degree, and a Princess (well...)Northern
Jungleface JakeStarted observing about four years ago, but only seriously about 5 months ago with a six inch reflector for his birthday.Northern
KatKat is new to star gazing and may only know a little but has lots of enthusiasm! Kat is also particularly interested in space weather.?
KazzikinsHas recently started to try to learn the constellations and some of the larger stars in the night sky.Northern
LisaHas a general interest in the heavens above and enjoys the company of stargazers.Northern
Mammuthus PrimigeniusDabbles mostly in astronomical instrumentation and particle astrophysics and has often found mammoths to be an entertaining way of illustrating the principles of physics.?
manifestinggeneratorHas always been interested in astronomy since the early days of the first moon landing and watching sky at night.Northern
MathnerdAvidly interested in the celestials above us and been studying the sky since the age of four. Currently studying physics and might end up going into astronomy.Northern
Metal ChickenInterests include comets, planets and meteor showers, the wonders of the stars. SUB?
mka42Been an amateur astronomer since the age of 5! and now studying astrophysics at the University of Manchester. mka42 will also hopefully be spending the summer at the Jodrell Bank observatoryNorthern
PrimordInterested in astronomy at an amateur level, Primord-Queen has unriveled clear views of the night sky in her Scottish town and is also a Dcoctor Who fan.Northern
Professor Sarah BellumInterests are most aspects of Astronomy and theoretical things, Richard will be taking part in a number of Q and A sessions soon.Northern
Radox the GreenFrom the Mendip hills of Somerset UK. Clear skies not much of a problem.Northern. UK
Saint AngelwingsForever stargazing, although admittedly usually drunk at the time. Has always been fascinated by space: "as are so many people, so much so, that we know more about space than we do about our own oceans!"?
Saint ThomasWants to be an astronomer after college and is obsessed with the late Carl Segan and shares our passion to stargaze.?
ShagbarkThe only h2g2as official non-member. 'You ain't seen me, right'.Northern
ShanananaCurrently residing in Alaska, and has been interested in astronomy and meteorology since a wee small child, so I have the luxury of knowing all about the ionizations etc. SUBNorthern
ShrimpBeen involved in amateur astronomy since the age of ten. Joined and afterwards presided a local youth astronomers club in Belgium and is now a member of Belgian Amateur Astronomers' Society.Northern
SpookSpook is interested in the universe, aliens, and the space above.Northern
StarmanGreat fun quest for knowledge.Northern
TangoTango is involved with the University of Life Project: Stars (link elsewhere)which has articles on all aspects of stars, superb. SUBNorthern
Temporal BanditStudying Maths with Astronomy at Leicester Uni, and a member of the uni's AstroSoc. Interested in most aspects of astronomy at varying levels, and also like science fiction and the possibilities (or not!) for the future contained therein. SUBNorthern
The Anonymous ResearcherKnows nothing about astronomy (yet) but thinks it might me interesting.Northern
The ShepherdInterests include astronomy (no surprise there), football, writing ... and my latest craze of being amazed at our new baby daughter (nano-astronomer)Northern
TrillianInterested in wicca, horoscopes and space travel.?
TurvyTurvy is an amateur astronomer with an interest in the big stuff like Cosmology and the origins and fate of the Universe. More general interest in the wider subject.. SUBNorthern
XanaticA future astronomer, Xanatic will hopefully be spending the year working at an observatory and study astronomy.?
XyrothThe chairman and program secretary for the Boston Astronomers so is heavily involved in astronomy.Northern
ZubeneschamaliAsteroid hunterNorthern, Damp spot
Yeliab SalohcinFounder of the society. Interests include black holes, Galileo and the fate of the Universe. I am also a member of the CAS and the Southampton AstroSoc SUBNorthern


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