A Conversation for The Manifesto for the Campaign to rename Thursday, "Thing"

I want to join the Thingites!!

Post 21

Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic.

I hear it's haunted by the ghosts of Th**sdays past... smiley - ghost

I want to join the Thingites!!

Post 22


Hi again Thingites, how's it going? Only one more day to Thing...

I did also see a list of alternative names for other days but, as usual, I forgot to save it and it's probably slipped down the back of the settee by now.

Onwards and upwards*

Morseman - Major Malcontent

*I've often wondered why 'upwards'?

I want to join the Thingites!!

Post 23


And, of course, they are on the front page of the Thingites entry. smiley - facepalm

I want to join the Thingites!!

Post 24

lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Wibble can get you like that sometimes smiley - cuddle

It will soon be Poets! smiley - ok

lil x

I want to join the Thingites!!

Post 25


How was Poets day? Spent a lot of mine getting my car back from the repairers and sorting admin out for jbex.

Yesterday was a "hack at the tree/shrub at Mums to try to undo the years of neglect of the tree/shrub" day and next week is going to be busy with jbex trips to Wales, Nottingham and Burgess Hill on the cards.

On Thingday next I will be back at Mum's to bag what I couldn't get done due to the driving rain in the afternoon. Shoulders ache today, not used to physical work anymore!

I want to join the Thingites!!

Post 26


I put the Thingites shield in my description of who I am, but now the font for the rest of the words have gone into small script and I can't figure out, from the description of GuideML, how to make the script a larger font.

Any advice please?

Oh, and the Thingite Calendar thing doesn't work and it says it wont work in the discussion underneath, so I wonder why it's still an entry?


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