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Pets in general

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I/we have owned many different pets over the years. Currently we have 2 cats and 5 rats (who frighten the cats).

If it were possible, we'd also have dogs (English Springers or Labradors, perhaps both) and also have kept marine fish.

I don't despise those that do not enjoy pets, but do think they are missing out.

Pets in general

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I think you are right.

I really surprised myself last year by, after years of vigorous anti-cat rhetoric, adopting a rescue cat. It was my friend's cat's fault - he was a very clingy cat and made me realise that cats in general get a bad press.

Pets do provide so much happiness. I realise now that all cats are very different and just observing their regular 'mad half-hours' can lift the mood no end.

Pets in general

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P.S. Incidentally, she's the moody smiley - cat in the tiny graphic on the front page. smiley - smiley

Pets in general

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It seems that everything in life has pros, cons, costs and trade-offs.

My family didn't keep pets when I was young. We kept a couple of turtles from the river for a summer once, and returned them; and, my brother had a hamster until it died from wet-tail (nobody was around to teach him about hamster health).smiley - erm

Since being married, we've had rabbits, birds, guinnea pigs, a dog, and about 10 different cats (several rescues).

I like animals, and I'm nice to them, but never took on a pet by choice and don't really like sharing my living space with them. I don't mind that the spouse has four cats now, or the cost of keeping them; but I wouldn't replace them if they were gone.

In particular, I don't like the mess; it's not so much the litterbox but the hairballs, the incontinent older cats, the cat hair everywhere, and having to get used to pet hair as a condiment.

They can be very cute, very sweet, and very loving. That would be great for someone with a driving need for the cuteness, sweetness, and attention.smiley - smiley

I obviously haven't 'missed' anything, because I've had pets around for decades now; but, if I found myself living alone, I sincerely doubt that my mind would turn to picking up a pet.

I'd love to be able to lounge on my living room carpet without finding the mess, the hair, of having something come sit on my chest. With four cats, it's hard to even sit on the furniture without someone wanting to join you most times. Don't even ask how my dark clothes look when I leave the house.smiley - doh

smiley - towel

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