Talking Point: Dogs or Cats?

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A dog and a cat.

In this world there are cat people and dog people. Sometimes you can be ambivalent, but most people will have a preference of one over the other. Dogs are often favoured for their loyalty and love, but are they really just hanging around whoever is handing out the free food? Cats are very independent, but are they really just contemptuous of humans and only stay around for a warm and dry sleeping space?

Cats aren't as noisy as dogs; they don't howl or bark all night, but they do have the habit of bringing 'gifts' in the shape of half eaten mice and birds. Which would you find easiest to live with - or to live next door to?

This week, we ask:

  • Are you a cat person or a dog person? Is it possible to be both?

  • What happens when a dog person falls in love with a cat person? Can they make it work without fur flying?

  • Why aren't there any TV shows with a cat as the main character? If Lassie and The Littlest Hobo can be successful, why hasn't anyone made Fluffy the Wondercat?

  • Is there anything cuter than a kitten in a flowerpot?

  • Why have dogs been bred to both large and small extremes, but cats have got away relatively lightly?

  • Why not just get a rabbit instead?

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