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Information class: High Priority.
Subject: Pr. C.Tonks
Position: Researcher, GalaGroup Overseer to the Multi-Galactic Governmental House of San Beta, Scientist, Space traveller.
Subject now answering queries personally...

*We open to see Monsy sleeping soundly in her comfy chair...Not wanting to disturb her, as she seems to be sleeping so peacefully, the Big C decides to conduct this interview without her*

Hello and Good Day to my fellow researchers! Please let me introduce myself, I am Chris Tonks. I was born on a tiny little planet on the 20th of May in the year 1985. My parents are the Louise and David. They are also responsible for bringing my brother, Alex, into the world. Currently I am residing in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, England where I enjoy 'tinkering'about with web design (check out My Page; it should be ready soon). I am also quite fond of writing (mainly science fiction), reading, playing my N64 or goofing on the puter and mainly hopping online to visit h2g2 and chat with my friends on icq. When it comes to pets we have 3...2 cats (Jasmine and Juniper ) and a puppy named Caspain (King Charles Spaniel). OH! Almost forgot about my two goldfish...can't forget the goldfish!

Currently I am schooling at Thornden, which incidentally is the best in the county, and I must say that I quite enjoy it there. I'm taking the usual GCSE's, along with my choices of Graphics, Business Studies and Geography. Since I lived in Switzerland for almost nine years, I received an A* in my GCSE in Year 9! And I also came top in the year in Physics in my Year 10 Exams. My favourite topics are therefore Physics and Business Studies I suppose, because I'll be taking an extra GCSE in IT. At the moment I am the head of quite a number of IT related subjects, such as the school website (whatever is up there right now was not made by me!!), and the making of an add-on for Half-Life.

OK, final notices: my favourite colours are red and black, my favourite type of misic is Jazz(along with a bit of Trance every now and then), and I absolutely detest all that absurd Pop music you hear from the likes of S-Club 7 and all those boy bands...There, that should do it...

Now, on to my writing, currently I am in the process of working on two books. 'The Citos' (pronounced 'zeetos') is about a race on another planet that have died out. The race originated from the Earth, and they send out there last space ship to find just the right humans to restore the proud species. The first book is about how the four humans manage to get off Earth, the second is how they travel back to the planet where the Citos died out, and the third is about their adventures on the planet. The problem with this book is that I'm now suffering writer's block, and I actually started writing it when I was about 11, so I have to keep revising it. For a start, the name 'Citos' sounds a bit weird, and the geography of the island on Earth where they start out from is absurd! But I'll sort it out some day...

My other book, which I've only just started, is still under wraps, but it should be called something like 'Life of a GalaGroup Overseer'. You see, I came up with my identity as Pr. C. Tonks when I was young. I used to play these imaginary games with my brother: we were both highly advanced scientists who (oddly enough) both owned some large business. Mine was 'C.T. Enterprises', and my laboratory/base was somewhere in C.T. Hotel, where I apparently lived. I then decided to send my whole base into space, as the Space Station Big C. I suppose the 'Big C' bit came from the rather large 'C' on the logo of my business.

My story developed and I became Pr. C. Tonks, GalaGroup Overseer to the Multi-Galactic Governmental House of San Beta, a group of six galaxies ruled by one government, to which I was the head. My adventure developed further, and I adopted arch enemies: the Morphs. My book would basically follow my travels through space to become the most scientifically advanced life form in the Known Universe, and would depict all my adventures, fighting the Morphs, and coping with the many faults of the Space Station. As I said, I've only just started this book, so it might take a while before I have any more info...

I have a section on my h2g2 page for suggestions on what to do on a space station. I haven't actually been given any suggestions yet from any person other than myself! I think the best so far though was to set up the laboratories. We have some very interesting discussions on all things theoretical and scientific, and also blow things up from time to time...

I'm also thinking of setting up a new forum. You know those virtual reality rooms they have on Star Trek? I'm thinking of setting up one of those, so people can relive any moment in time that's found in the 'station's databanks!

When I set up the 'station, I suddenly noticed there was already an h2g2 Space Centre. I got slightly worried, thinking they wouldn't greet my 'station too well. But it turns out they run a different line of business to me, and so we are now in league with them, so that's alright!

I suppose while we are playing 'get to know the cheese' I might as well tell you about my COMPIGRAM. Well, he's exactly like me. A COMPIGRAM (actually pronounced 'compligram'; yes, notice the 'l'?) is like a clone, but more advanced. It is exactly like the thing it copies in all ways exept that it isn't the person in question. At the moment, it's easy for me to select the right atoms, arrange them into molecules, and then assemble them into any structure I like. I can therefore create the body of any species I like. The hard part is iducing the right amount of energy into the right places at the right time, so the thing actually lives. It takes a lot of effort, and I can only do this to human forms at the moment because the brain is so simple to emulate. I'm working on better methods all the time.
My COMPIGRAM is slightly different to me. The people of San Beta know I have one, and know when he's in power while he takes my place so I can go off and have fun, i.e. bring the 'station to orbit over h2g2. The only thing different between me and my COMPIGRAM is that he doesn't drink. Well, nothing alcoholic anyway. Fool...

BRAG TIME!!!...Yes, my first entry has been accepted! Indeed, I intend to research almost every place I go to, so that anyone who wants info on that place can have it, no hassle. This entry is only about a pub in my area, nothing special. You see, I read that page on 'h2g2 on the move' and it had a picture of some guy reading off info on a restaurant. I thought I should do that, so that anyone who goes where I've been can know what it's like.

I also intend to write entries on scientific and theoretical matters. For instance, I'm writing the Laws of Infinity at the moment, and I've been working on the Laws themselves for ages. I also intend to clear up the matter of Dimensions, Universes, and the Omniverse...

Now on to my time as part of h2g2 and the tickly parts I have encountered. It has been a blast! I have had so many funny experiences on h2g2; watching some people make fools of themselves dancing to 'Tragedy' at the h2g2 Virtual Party; activating the tea machine on the 'station with horrendous outcomes; the monkeys on the 'station; reading of the japes with the rabbits at Mt. Sandcastle; and I can't wait until all those rumours for the Virtual Prez elections really get underway!

Now when it comes to the site itself, I can think of tons of things I would like to do to it. Nothing major mind you, just minor bug-fixing. For a start, they should change that Alabaster style, or come up with a fairly good range of more styles, so we have a good choice. The new forum system is quite good, in that you don't have to keep making new forums every time the old one gets too long to load; we just prees a button and go to another section. One thing that would be nice though is a button that would take you to the last posts, instead of having to type the code at the end of the URL.

And finally, before I go, I would like to take a moment to just make a few shameless plugs...Time for a bit of self-acclaim here...Right, first thing I'd like to mention is that I'll soon be joining in the Virtual Prez elections with Njan, my Head of Secondary Research on the 'station. So, you know, VOTE FOR ME!!! Here... *pins on a badge*

I'd of course like to mention The Space Station Big C, where we have many a laugh, and discuss all things scientific. And don't forget my mod for Half-Life; Closed Files. I'll have a website up soon!

I can't go without saying hi to the following people, the best virtual friends anyone could have on h2g2 and beyond (in alphabetical order): Affy, Alien, BlueBottle, Demon Drawer, Engels42, Eomando, Hannah, Joanna, Joe aka Arnia, Krans Hopeson, Mew, Njan, Peet, Tatty, and anyone else I've met on h2g2 and got on with, i.e. everyone! Sorry if I left out anyone who I know well...

[Upload successful. Disconnecting. Have a nice day. Beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...]

*Monsy awakens to begin the interview and looks about to find it has already been done*

'Hhhmmmm...must be getting to where I can do these things in my sleep!'


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