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Celeb kids

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Why do celebrities call their kids such odd things? Like Bob Geldof's kids.....smiley - yikes

Always admired Paul McCartney coz he gave his kids real names.

Celeb kids

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Br Robyn Hoode - Navo - complete with theme tune

smiley - erm

I guess it's a social thing? Or it's the cocaine talking... *gags self*

Celeb kids

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Who knows. Have wondered why. Like Gwyneth Paltrow's baby "Apple". Or Madonna's kids. What were they thinking?

Celeb kids

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Frank Zappa gave his kids the most bizzare names of all. Dweezil, Ahmet and Moon Unit. On the other hand he apparently once said that it's their middle names you want to worry about.

Celeb kids

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Oh those poor kids.....

Where do you think those names up? Random string of letters? At least "Apple" is an actual word.

Celeb kids

Post 6

Moonhogg - Captain Coffee Break

Surely it must occur to them that people are going to take the p*** out of them?

Do these parents really think that their kids will turn round after a day being taunted by the other kids at school, and say "I don't care that the other kids beat me up, I *love* having such a ridiculous name!"

Celeb kids

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I know!! Think if it were me, I'd change it by deed-poll at the first opportunity. While I would have liked not have the same name as 9 other girls in my year at school, I'd rather not have such a stupid one instead.

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