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Some scary names

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Went to school with a Naomi Campbell. Know a bloke called Paul Daniels.

OK, if someone's not famous when your kid is born it's not so bad, but I came across a little girl a couple of years ago called Courtney Cox. smiley - erm Heard that before somewhere.

But I've heard of people called things like John Johnston........Why would you do that? Are you so totally devoid of imagination?

Some scary names

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BigAl Patron Saint of Left Handers Keeper of the Glowing Pickle and Monobrows

Always remember when I went to my degree ceremony, the house 'coming down' when the MC called out, "Thomas Cruise"..
There was another loud round of smiley - applause as Joanne Topliss came down to accept her degree smiley - boingsmiley - boingsmiley - winkeye

Some scary names

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smiley - yikes The poor people!

There was a Gerard John Lennon at myu graduation. When his name was read out, we all thought we were hearing things. Why would you give your kid the name of John even as a middle name if your surname's Lennon?

Some scary names

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Some people are just unlucky with their handles.

My friends include Peter Sutcliffe, who's been putting up with a serial-killer echo for years, and Steve Wright, who's just started his new career as a mass-murderer. He should have stuck to being a DJ, really.

Soundalikes can be nearly as bad. One of Peter's friends is called Harold Shipton. Maybe they shared a cell or something? Anyway, apparently poor old Harold gets funny looks too, and isn't entirely convincing when he says shaving his beard off and trying out contact lenses has nothing to do with it.

Some scary names

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Oh dear.....

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