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Do fish sleep...

Post 161


It seems that everybody else has tried reading all the postings, but you are the sole survivor.

I think this café, like the parrotfish, may have seased to be. It appears to be tired and shagged out after a long spawn, the only reason it was sitting on this perch in the first plaice was that it had been nailed there.

If Fish hadn't nailed it to its perch it would have musseled up to the sandbar, and 'Voom'.

"Voom?" This Café wouldn't voom if you put 4 million smolt thru it. ......oh I can't be bothered...smiley - zzz

Do fish sleep...

Post 162


I think you're tired. smiley - tongueout


Do fish sleep...

Post 163

The Fish

Hmm... right... smiley - coffee

Do fish sleep...

Post 164


...ahh the proprietor.

I wish to register a complaint! Allo Fish. I wish to complain about this pickled parrotfish which I ordered not half a year ago from this very boutique. It's still not arrived and I'm beginning to feel a trifle peckish.

You should be ashamed of yourself, you see a bit of tail and the next minute she's got you jumping thru hoops and up waterfalls. You have spawned your sole to the devil, m'laddo.


Hmm, those scampi fries do smell nice tho. Can I have some of those?

The caf

Post 165


...And I ordered a hot chocolate four weeks ago!

though this was about the same time I signed on as a waiter, so perhaps I should get busy.
'Scuse me everyone!

(Rushes off to find apron)

88==8== 8= = .......ZOOM!

The caf

Post 166

The Fish

That parrots not DEAD! He's only sleeping... smiley - winkeye

smiley - fish

trust me, hon...the parrot is dead

Post 167

Anne of a Thousand Days

If it smells like rotting flesh...trust me, the parrot is dead

trust me, hon...the parrot is dead

Post 168


Geez, you write well for someone who's not yet 3YO.

Rotting flesh or not, I'll take it. I'm so hungry I could eat a seahorse.

I hear that seahorse goes well with polenta

Post 169

Anne of a Thousand Days

Anything beats take out food...even rotting flesh!

I hear that seahorse goes well with polenta

Post 170


Ah, so that's why you get drunks in the cemeteries, they've tried the kebab shops.

Kindly point me towards the nearest pet cemetery smiley - dogsmiley - skull, I'm salivating at the thought of feathered food after all this time. You might even call it parrot fever.

I hear that seahorse goes well with polenta

Post 171

The Fish

smiley - erm

*Looks at the occupants of his Cafe in a very nervous fashion...*

Errr...... If that's what you "REALLY" want...... may I suggest the pet shop round the corner..... half of what they sell may aswell be dead smiley - winkeye


smiley - biggrin
smiley - fish

......wonders off to invade the Isle Of Wight with Peregrin & Bluebottle....

Hey, Wumbeveil! Any idea where I could get some Carlisle Tartan? Can't find any online smiley - sadface

I hear that seahorse goes well with polenta

Post 172


Now, now, we'll have none of this Allied Animals coalitions invadiing anywhere without a declaration of war. Please sign this form in triplicate and email it to The Ministry of War Cowes so that they know your plans and have time to turn their cowpat guns in the direction you're invading from.

If this is an extended campaign, does this mean:
A) We're gonna sit here starving for another couple of months
B) You're requisitioning all uneaten food supplies in the cafe for the war effort
C) You're turning the cutlery into Spitfires
D) we are likely to be conscripted

*decides he likes option D least of all and goes off to join the Communist Party, clad in a flowery summer dress and burning a cafe flag*

Oh the tartan for your war kilts:-

seems to be the most promising supplier on the web so far, altho I'm waiting on replies to a couple of emails.

I hear that seahorse

Post 173

~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

*Folds several bundles of Nova Scotia tartan for use as a pillow and stretches out on the sea bed.*
Good a place as any to watch a war.
*Momentarily falls into a dream of mermaids, starfish and ..Aquaman!Wakes with Galopolousy headache*
Hey, let me know if you see any Ecuadorian tankers up there...zzzZZZ

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