The Venus Transit 2004

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Not seen since 1882, the much-heralded transit of Venus across the face of the Sun occured on the 8th June between the times of 6.19am and 12.23pm, just as predicted1.

Unfortunately the astronomical phenomena was not visible from every part of the Earth. This map shows the world visibility of the transit. Man's technological advancement nullified this slight obstacle - those who were interested but unable to be in the viewing path, were able to log on and see the transit live on the world wide web, or watch on television.

Sir Patrick Moore watched the transit in Selsy, Sussex, England, with Dr2. Brian May3 for the BBC programme 'The Sky at Night', the longest-running tv programme in the history of television.

Scientists and astronomers can use the data gathered from transits to help in the search for extrasolar planets.


Xyroth's photos

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Venus at the edge

Venus transit at sunrise

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Much Hoole and Jeremiah Horrocks

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Photos by R.Daneel Olivaw's Dad's friend

Sight of the century

Researchers who witnessed the transit

Galaxy Babe

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1Thank you Jeremiah Horrocks.2Not a medical doctor.3He studied astronomy at University before forming Queen with drummer Roger Taylor4'I TRIED the pinhole thing....I TRIED the binoc thing....I finally found it on BBC News24'

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