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Posted: 6th December 2007



Eight Wonderful Years

Pour a glass of something or other and join The Post's Editors in patting each other on the back: The Post is eight years old today! I rooted a bit around the archives in honour of the occasion; it's impressive to see our favourite h2g2 periodical's history. We've come a long way in eight years, if only in changing from Classic Goo to Alabaster to Brunel.... In any case, an enormous thanks goes out to the former editors of The Post. h2g2 heroes like Pastey, Greebo and, of course, Shazz have shaped The Post and enabled me to type this very editorial today. Thinking currently, Skankyrich, B'Elana and lil have done a fantastic job editing this week's issue into shape (and let's not forget Titania, who has faithfully uploaded the Announcements no matter what!) — but judging by the many quality contributions we're proud to publish this week, it wasn't too difficult a job. Thank you to everyone.

This retrospection is all excellent, but it's important to look ahead — particularly to the 2007 Christmas Competition! In the past, The Post's Christmas competition has been of mammoth proportions in level of excitement, and this year with the new prose category we're hoping it will be better than ever. Submissions for the competition are due on Sunday, 16th December, so please please please get those written and send them in.

I'd like to make one more announcement, and that's about a brilliant new idea of Skankyrich's, the Beeblecast. If you feel that The Post (and the rest of h2g2) could benefit from audio content, you should most definitely check out Rich's proposal and request. And even if you don't think it's a good idea, you should check it out anyway. Because I said so.

In closing, it's been an interesting experience to be in the position to write these editorials every two weeks. I joined the Post Team as Regulars Editor in a time of chaos. Since then, we've regrouped and prospered. I've edited The Post by myself; I've edited it alongside as many as three people. I've put it on my resumés and applications as editing experience; I talk it up to my friends and family. I'm proud of The Post, and not just because I get to write these editorials and make you lot read them. I'm proud of it because I joined a thriving project with, at the time, six years of solid history behind it. I'm proud of the contributors we manage to garner, some of the best on h2g2. I sometimes think we must steal them from the Edited Guide and the UnderGuide.

Thank you contributors and editors; thank you h2g2. Thank you if you're just reading this and you don't even have an h2g2 account (you should get one!). Happy birthday, Post dearest. Here's to eight more years to come.smiley - bubbly
















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