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Dancing Poetry

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Of course, on retrospect, that one line should probably read:

And the guitar's duet with her stamping feet

... But I suppose either will do. smiley - erm

'Nonniesmiley - rose

Dancing Poetry

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Titania (gone for lunch)

Nonnie... *wriggling, trying very hard to find a way of saying this without sounding chritical*

...just let me say - first of all - that I DO like your poetry - but...

...that sounds a lot like a Flamenco light version performed to tourists...

...and I was thinking more along the lines of DEEP Flamenco...


title: 'Style of Dance'

The dancers job is to project the mood of the song. Music and dance fall into three categories: jondo, or grande ('profound', or 'grand'), intensely sad and dealing with themes of death, anguish, despair, or religion;

...THAT'S the point of view I'm trying so hard to find... and I just can't write it myself, I know I can't... just look at the poor attempt of trying to describe 'Duende' at the end of it... *sighs*

Dancing Poetry

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Don't wriggle so, dearie.. Of course it was. smiley - smiley But then, it was rather an on-the-spot touristy kind of poem, too. smiley - smiley The first line came when thought of Flamenco, the Gypsy version of the dance was just the first and easiest type to write a short, impromptu poem about. smiley - smiley

I -love- flamenco (or as I called it as a child, Flamingo smiley - winkeye) dancing and always have... The duets, the slow draws, the ... passionate duets... Flamenco, like the original hula, tells a story. I don't pretend to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but it -has- been a passion of mine to observe, and when I was younger, to immitate.

When we moved into this old house (as a child) there were but two small tapestries (both very old) hanging on its walls.. both of Flamenco Dancing with a hint of the bullfight (if you can imagine that). I immediately recognized them for what they were (even if I couldn't pronounce it smiley - winkeye).

So please.. do not apologize for your concerns... 'Twas only a brief glimpse as a token to your request.

'Nonniesmiley - rose
(Off to read your page now, though the Monster again is at my back and I will probably be drug away soon. smiley - sadface)

Poet's Nook

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Titania (gone for lunch)

Nonnie, Nonnie - look! This conversation is back up!smiley - diva

Poet's Nook

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So I see.. And I will finally be able to collect my poetry. smiley - winkeye

Sensless ditty

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Big Sis Opt Minister of love, life and laughter and ACE

You guys are great at poems
I would write one too
but I am a bit lazy
and I am desperate for the loo

Sensless ditty

Post 227

BP - sometime guardian of Doobry the Thingite wolf

Hello! I’ll just stick my head in;
I’m a poetry fan – no chagrin!
I’m new to this thread,
But your poems I have read,
And enjoyment have I found therin.

There aren't as many rhymes for 'in' as I had previously though. smiley - erm

Poet's Nook

Post 228

Titania (gone for lunch)

I saw a poem I liked in the tube today - the company who runs it sometimes puts up poetry among all the ads. It had been translated into Swedish but, as I attempted to translate it back into English, it got me interested enough to look for the original version:

- - - - - - - - - - -

Children coming from school

I can hear the gospel
Of little feet
Go choiring
Down the dusty asphalt street.

Beneath the vast
Cathedral of sky
With the sun for steeple
Evangeling with laughter
Go the shining ones
The little people.

- - - - - - - - - - -

by Jamaican poet Roger Mais (1905-1955)

Poet's Nook

Post 229

Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

smiley - applause
High marks to Nonnie for the exceptional poems about dance!
High marks to Titania for the exceptional article about Flamenco!
smiley - applause
...and now for something completely different...
smiley - biro
Diamonds in the air
Sparkle and flash silver on
Bare winter branches
smiley - star
Bleached tributaries
Flow into a winter sky
From paper-pale birch
smiley - snowball
Frozen spider webs
Beneath fur-lined winter boots
Walking on the pond
smiley - spider
Three little offerings for the last of the Winter Season; haiku that I've added to my growing compendium of little "Aha! moments".
smiley - cool

Poet's Nook

Post 230

Demon Drawer

There's a baby on the way, a baby on the way.
What else can one say, oh what can one say?
EV and fords should be proud new parents today.

What will baby Vibenstein make of this blue green sphere?
A new pair of eyes looking into a world with fear
But knowing that its parents will be forever near.

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