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Posted: 11th January 2007



Happy New Year!

Welcome back, one and all, as The Post bravely marches on into 2007! It seems strange to be in an odd-numbered year, somehow — the world seems desolate without an Olympics or a major US election to look forward to. I made a number of new year's resolutions this year, which I'm starting to struggle over keeping. I bought myself a new planner as part of my resolution to stay organised, though, so you never know; it might work. It is a very attractive planner.

I have an idea, though, of a great new year's resolution that you all should consider — particularly those of you who do not at present contribute to The Post. Haven't you ever read the articles here and wondered why there isn't something that appeals to your particular niche? (I know I did when I was a first-time reader.) Well, now (and always) is your chance to write something! If any of you are stuck for new year's resolutions, I'd ask you to take on the resolution to write something — just one thing — for The Post this year. It doesn't have to be long and it doesn't have to be an artistic masterpiece — all we ask is that it be your personal best work. It could be a poem or a cartoon, a film review or a political commentary, a short story or a travelogue. You could write about your own life or about a galaxy far, far away, and we'll even accept pieces that may not conform to the styles of other h2g2 creative facets, as long as they are examples of your best work.

So come on, make that resolution! It isn't hard to do! Remember that copy for upcoming issues is always due the Sunday before the issue — so in this case, the next deadline is Sunday, 21 January. Get writing!






















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