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Post 101

aka Bel - A87832164

Hmmm, seeing as I've signed Skankyrich's scheme, I may as well join here and you can put me down for such exotic places as northern Germany (more specifically: Schleswig-Holstein), and Hesse, especially Frankfurt and immediate surroundings. smiley - smiley

Members specialisms BigAl

Post 102

BigAl Patron Saint of Left Handers Keeper of the Glowing Pickle and Monobrows

My sdpecialisms are:

Salisbury, Wiltshire, Pembrokeshire and Dorset.

smiley - oksmiley - smiley

Members specialisms BigAl

Post 103

Icy North

I saw the plug on the Front Page.

I can handle Hampshire and surrounding areas of central southern England (Surrey, Berks, Oxon, W. Sussex)

smiley - cheers Icy

Members specialisms BigAl

Post 104


Put me down for Australia (the Southern States, but not Tassie).

And I guess Nottinghamshire/East Midlands.

Members specialisms BigAl

Post 105


I'll make sure everyone's areas of expertise are noted, but it may be a week or so.

Meanwhile... get writing! smiley - winkeye

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Post 106

vogonpoet (AViators at A13264670)

Do I need an already finished entry to join the Rh2g2GES (what an acronym!), or can I get in now with a promise to get at least one entry into PR sometime before February 2008???

My most specialist subject (current home):
Novi Sad, Serbia.

My other specialist subjects (previous homes):
Insignificant Villages in Cheshire, UK.
Edinburgh, UK.
Kaiserslautern and the Rheinland Pfalz, Germany

I am also far too familiar with Motorway Service Stations in the UK, but would prefer to avoid writing about them if possible....

I have a vegetarian survival guide to Novi Sad in progress, and expect to get at least two more entries out of this lovely city in the near future...

smiley - cheersvp

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Post 107


Hi, i'd like to join up; and as a Kentsh Man , whose been born and bred and still lives in Noth East Kent: i could cover the English county of Kent, especially the Thames Estuary and the Medway Valley.smiley - smiley

Hope everyone has a great holiday smiley - cheers.

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Post 108


"I'll make sure everyone's areas of expertise are noted, but it may be a week or so."

--Or a month. Or so.

No, you do NOT have to have an Edited Entry on a specific area to be listed in the ranks. Although we'd like to see everyone make some kind of geographical effort for the Guide, if writing Entries isn't your forte, you could perhaps help someone else if they're writing about an area you're familiar with.

Our goal is to create more geographical entries for a more overall well-rounded Guide to the Universe part of the mission statement. Anything you can do to that end is appreciated - from writing entries, helping others with theirs, reviewing geographical entries in PR, scavenging the Flea Market for geographical left-overs, etc.

Updates have FINALLY been made, and everyone should be on the list. I went back about a year, and only added those that are still active on site. If you check the list and see that I've missed something just let me know.

And the disclaimer:
I am American, and therefore geographically challenged (although I still like to think I'm a pretty smart cookie). If I have misrepresented your specialities I am deeply sorry and can only say it's not my fault.

Welcome, one and all. Next round's on me smiley - cheers

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Post 109

aka Bel - A87832164

If you could just put a closing bracket ) after Schleswig-Holstein, then it wouldn't look so much as if Hesse was in northern Germany - or is that just me? smiley - biggrin

smiley - cheers

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Post 110


No, that was me. Fixed now?

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Post 111

aka Bel - A87832164

Wonderful, thanks a lot. smiley - cheers

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Post 112

vogonpoet (AViators at A13264670)

Well I want to make writing entries my forte, but somehow I seem to spend a lot more time encouraging and reviewing other peoples entries smiley - erm - I really have no excuse for not writing about my current home coutry/town though - when I lived in Edinburgh, it was like - oh, theres already loads about Ed in the EG... Can't say the same about Serbia....

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Post 113


We'd love to know more about it, whenever you have the time and the inspiration (I know how rarely those two collide - for me anyway).

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Post 114

Number Six

Hello, better add Somerset to my list of specialities as I've been here for a year and a half now...

This is among my work in the last few months:

smiley - cheers

smiley - mod

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Post 115


I might have mentioned Devon when I first signed up here. I'll soon be moving to Jersey (Channel Islands) so I might well rattle out some stuff related to the island in the coming months.

Number Six - I had a good chuckle at some of those roadsigns. I wonder if BBC Kent do a similar thing? Used to live a few miles from a famous East Kent roadsign pointing at two villages, saying: Ham, Sandwich.

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