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Danny B

A bit late, but here nonetheless smiley - smiley

Specialisms... Erm...

North-east England (sort of)
South-to-South-west London (again, sort of)
Bits of Yorkshire (at a push)

I don't get out much! smiley - silly

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Post 42

Mr. Carrot

Provided I get in, My special knowledge revolves around Norway... Especially the south-eastern part of Norway, around Oslo and Drammen...

Yes, Gnomon, I've noticed that you allready specialize in Norway, but I figured that we might be able to "fill each other in" on some more specific fields?

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Post 43

Lady Pennywhistle - Back with a vengeance! [for a certain, limited value of Vengeance; actual amounts of Vengeance may vary]

Hi Number Six, I just noticed you added me on the list under Brazil, so smiley - ta
I hope I'll get to writing about it sometime... right now I'm just concentrating on places I know well.
Which brings up a question: I haven't seen Israel in the list - is it there? smiley - huh

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Post 44

Gnomon - time to move on

That's OK, Mr Carrot. When I say I specialise in it, I just mean I've been there once. But if you know me, that usually means I can write quite a detailed entry on it. But I'll be glad to bow to your superior knowledge.

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Post 45

Mr. Carrot

Cool... by all means, do continue writing about it. I don't have time to write anything now, but I'll be glad to have a look at your entries when you make them...smiley - smiley

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Post 46

Number Six

Yael - I was meaning to ask you about that... geographically, would you place Israel in Asia? I know it's not exactly the case politically or in sporting terms (your football teams play in all the European club and International competitions) so I thought I'd better check!

smiley - mod

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Post 47

Lady Pennywhistle - Back with a vengeance! [for a certain, limited value of Vengeance; actual amounts of Vengeance may vary]

Yeah, I know it's a tricky one... We're definitely not Europe, though we pretend we are (hence football and basketball clubs). Africa only starts after the Suez Canal, so I guess geographically we're in Asia.
A different solution would be to open up a "Middle East" section, that will include Israel and Egypt. I'm not sure it's a good idea, but it's still an option...
I hope that helped. smiley - smiley

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Post 48


Portugal - especially the Western Algarve.
(Since Al Gharb means the west - the West of the West - rather the best of the rest)
The Land's End of Europe.
smiley - cool Watermusic

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Post 49


Hey, I posted here yesterday, but find that although it is in my list it isn't here - and I can't remember all I wrote. Must have hit the back button.

Anyway for Watermusic

London and South U.K. - though it would have to be geographical!
Portugal - especially the Western Algarve (The West of the West)smiley - cool


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Post 50


Woops! Sorry folks. The brain has just chuntered into logical mode. Did not notice the reply links buttons on the right hand side, so now I have repeated myself a little. I didn't make it to the most recent page.
A Parrot Horse

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Post 51

Agent X

Ohio esp. SE Ohio and just moved to NW Florida (starting on those entries soon)

smiley - bluefish

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Post 52

Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!


Well, in terms of locations, there's:

* the Puget Sound area of Washington
* DuPage and Kane county of Illinois
* Austin area of Texas

In terms of getting around, some areas I have some experience in are:

* Traveling as a single female
* Handicapped accessible travel

smiley - cheers

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Post 53

Lord High Mucky-Muck

Only one specialist for Canada? Well, let's change that...

Mucky-Muck's specialisms:
Canada - Alberta
Canada - British Columbia
Canada - General

Satellithias field experience

Post 54


My actual reports will be 'live' from South Korea.
In the near future I hope to be able to cover a bit of HongKong where I'll try to be over the summer months.

My most recent travels brought me to Morocco and Japan.
About my home country I can provide information on its capital, Berlin, and Hamburg.

And as for Great Britain I suppose the Brits around us are more likely to know the good stuff - but you never know. So, London, Northern Scotland and Ireland - I know some spots over there, too.

Older information I could possibly give on Scandinavia incl. Denmark. I lived in Denmark for three months, working on a farm, and travelled to the rest of Scandinavia several times.

In fact, I travelled pretty much all expect Iceland, Spain and Portugal in West Europe.

...and this is how the ookie crumbles.

~ Matthias

Satellithias field experience

Post 55


You could say I specialise in the Isle of Wight


Satellithias field experience

Post 56

Mike D'Anna

In the US, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, Las Vegas, Colorado

Also the south of France, Tuscany, and London to some extent...

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Post 57


Well, I'm saying 'member' but have actually only recently signed up and am awaiting confirmation that I have been accepted into said establishment (and maybe a shiny badge to prove it).

Nevertheless, the time I have to fill this in is now, so here you go, if you want it:

South Yorkshire
South-West Germany (specifically Tuebingen area)
Yaroslavl, Russia

Some of these will be more 'specialist' than others!


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Post 58


Thanks for the welcome Number Six. Put be down for;

Southeastern Nebraska
Fort Collins, Colorado
San Diego, California (Ocean Beach)
New York City (Lower Manhattan)

- Don

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Post 59


OK, well I can do:

North West England
and bits and pieces of Yorkshire, Cornwall and various places scattered around France. Will definitely do one on Rouen when I finish working there this summer.
Hopefully in the next year or so I'll be able to do some on various places in Russia.

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Post 60


Hello. How do you subscribe to the threads in the members bar? Must you first submit an article on somewhere?

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