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The <LINK> tag allows you to link a piece of text, smiley or picture to a thread, Researcher, article or external website. Consequently it is a very useful tag, and fortunately simple to use...

Linking to External Websites

To link to a website, for example, all that needs to be done is to write

<LINK HREF="">Then whatever text, smiley or picture you wish to link the site to </LINK

Which looks like this...

Then whatever text, smiley or picture you wish to link the site to

To link to a different website, just substitue "" for that site. However, please adhere to the House rules and don't link to sites that would not be approved..

Linking to Researchers

To link to a Researcher, you need write LINK BIO and the Researcher's U number. For example, to link to Unconformity, who is researcher number U216863, write,

<LINK BIO="U216863"> Followed by whatever you want to use as a link </LINK>

Or alternatively, to use whatever username that Researcher has at the present moment, simply write

<LINK BIO="U216863"/>

Giving the result of..


Linking to Articles

This is almost exactly the same as linking to a Researcher, except you need substute BIO for H2G2 and the U number for the article's A number..

For example, to link to this page, which is A1140832, you'd need write

<LINK H2G2="A1140832"> Followed by whatever you want to use as a link </LINK>

Giving the result of..

Followed by whatever you want to use as a link

Or alternatively..

<LINK H2G2="A1140823"/>

Giving the result of..


Linking to a Thread

If you are a digibox user, you are unlikely to be able to see the forum number necessary for this tag. Therefore, if you'd like to link to a thread, either as a PC user or leave a note on this page of the workshop. If you are not a digibox user, then linking to a thread is along the same lines as linking to an article. You replace the A number with the Forum and thread number however, these are displayed on the URL when the thread is loaded. For example, on this page is the thead Demonstration of linking to a thread. Go to it, and you'll find part of the URL reads F134719?thread=305916, this is the part you need use to link to it. For example...

<LINK H2G2="F134719?thread=305916"> Followed by whatever you want to use as a link </LINK>Back to the Personal Space Workshop

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