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Marquee tags are used to make text and pictures move. This tag does not operate on all browsers, and in such cases the object will still be visable, it just won't move. Simple marquees are simple to use, this part of the Workshop aims to demonstrate.

For the example, the following text and smiley is used...

This is an example of a marquee

The code for this being

Changing the direction of movement

Writing the opening tag <MARQUEE> and the closing tag of </MARQUEE> at either end of what you wish to move will by default cause it to slide across the screen from the right hand side to the left, like this...

This is an example of a marquee

To make the marquee move in the opposite direction, you need to add DIRECTION="right" to the opening tag, like this...

The result being this...

This is an example of a marquee

Using the same method, marquees can go


This is an example of a marquee

...and down

This is an example of a marquee

Height and width

The previous examples showed the presets as to what width and height a marquee will move in. This can be altered by adding WIDTH and HEIGHT to the opening tag.

Here the width has been limited to 50%, the preset being 100%, i.e. the entire width of the screen

This is an example of a marquee

In this example, the height has been limited to 30 pixels

This is an example of a marquee


You can change the way in which the marquee moves by adding BEHAVIOR to the opening tag, notice the Amercican spelling. Here are a few examples of this..


This will make the marquee 'bounce' in the direction stated on the DIRECTION part of the tag. For example...

This is an example of a marquee


Scroll is preset in the marquee tag anyway, so does not need to be added. All it means is that the text or picture will scroll across the page. For example...

This is an example of a marquee


This attribute makes the marquee only perform one 'cycle', and then it doesn't move again until the page is refreshed. For example...

This is an example of a marquee

Notice how the marquee freezes on the left hand side of the screen?


You can alter the speed at which the marquee scrolls across the page. Marquees can either be sped up by using SCROLLAMOUNT, or slowed down by using SCROLLDELAY.

Speeding up

SCROLLAMOUNT is the numver of units the marquee jumps for each base unit of time. By addingSCROLLAMOUNT to the opening tag, you can specify what speed you want the make your marquee scroll. Below are a few examples...


Slowing down

SCROLLDELAY defines the base unit of time before the marquee jumps a certain number of pixels. SCROLLDELAY can therefore be used to define how much slower you'ld like the marquee to scroll.



SCROLLAMOUNT and SCROLLDELAY can be used in combination. If both are high then the result will be a blinking effect.


Loop is how many cycles a marquee will go through before stopping. When LOOP is used, the marquee will cycle the set amount of times, and then dissappear until the page is refreshed. For example...

To refresh this page, you could use this link, and then watch how many times the marquee loops...

This is an example of a marquee

...which should be 5.

Back Ground Colour

BGCOLOR allows you to add a colour to the back ground of your marquee. Here, yellow is chosen..

This is an example of a marquee

The code for this being..

...just the same as for adding a back ground colour in tables.

Adding more marquees

For a very complex marquee, you could try putting marquee tags inside of marquee tags. The possibilities for the different ways the marquee will turn out are huge, so below are a few examples of the different effects, the code given for each.

This is an example of a marqueeThis is an example of a marqueeThis is an example of a marquee

And to go out with a bang...

smiley - schooloffishsmiley - fishsmiley - orangefishsmiley - bluefishsmiley - shark

For another look on marquees, you could try the Edited Guide Enty A Study of the Marquee Tag in Guide ML

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