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Font tags can change text in many ways; colour, size and style. Here you can chose how you would like the text to look.


You can change fonts to make them Big or Small.

To do this, you need to write

For example, here's how to write the following font sizes...


For tag uses, colour is spelt 'color'. Changing the font colour is similar to changing font size. For this, you put either the name of the colour or the hexidecimal code into the quotation marks. For a list the hexidecimal codes, see Web Safe Colours.

Here are a few examples of font colours....


The font face tag changes the font style. There are many different fonts you can use, but the more complex ones may cause loading problems on some browsers. Consequently it is advisable to stick to the more well-known fonts. For example...

Times New Roman
Comic Sans MS

Combining Tags

If you want to make use of several font tags, you can combine into one single tag. Below is an example of this...

This font is sky blue, size +2 and in Comic Sans MS
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