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There are many ways in which you can format your text. For example, you can use paragraphs, lists, headers, bold and italics. This section of the Workshop demonstrates these tags.

To make use of a tag, you need to put the text between an opening and closing tag. For example, to make part of the text bold, you need to put that part between the tags, <B>like this</B>.

Formatting Tags


Demonstration of what the tag does

How tag was used in the demonstration

<B>Makes text bold
<I>Makes text in italics

To write a paragraph

<P ALIGN="center">

To align a paragraph centrally


For writing headers

<HEADER>For writing headers</HEADER>

For writing sub-headers

<SUBHEADER>For writing sub-headers</SUBHEADER>
<FOOTNOTE>To write a footnote1To write a footnote <FOOTNOTE>Such as this one </FOOTNOTE>
For writing block quotes, as suitable for several lines of text
<BLOCKQUOTE>For writing block quotes, as suitable for several lines of text</BLOCKQUOTE>
<HR/> (horizontal rule)<HR/>


Lists involve more than a single tag type. You need a tag at the beginning and the end of the list, and one at either end of a list item. There are two types of lists, as demonstrated below.

  1. This is an open list
  2. As you can see, each point is numbered
  3. You can add as many list items as you like
  4. You can also not you do not need to write the numbers yourself..
  5. As they are added automatically
  6. In the code, each point opens and closes with <LI> and </LI>
  7. ...and the list opens with <OL> and closes with </OL>
  • This is an unordered list
  • It opens with <UL> and closes with </UL>
  • Otherwise, it is the same as the open list
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