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For people who enjoy campaigns, are perhaps a part of other campaigns, or perhaps aren't since they haven't found anything to campaign for, here is this! The Campaign For Nothing!

The Campaign

By joining this campaign you become a Nothingite. You are campaigning for nothing. You are protesting against nothing. There is nothing making you campaign, except your will to campaign, or more likely, have a good old chat about anything in the campaign thread while you just get added to the campaign.

To Join

Click Here and post to the conversation that appears. You can find it also at the bottom of this page entitled 'Campaign For Nothing'.


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  2. U189740
  3. U195643
  4. U198984
  5. U202233
  6. U201249
  7. U198644
  8. U235590
  9. U223998
  10. U185231
  11. U194043
  12. U228046
  13. U236276
  14. U231198
  15. U203906
  16. U1968601
  17. U1693878
  18. U2052643
  19. U704234

And Finally...

Being a Nothingite means you have no obligations, can join any other campaign or protest, and can basically do what you like. There is no real point to this campaign except to see how many people I can get to join this campaign.

Have fun!smiley -

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