The Psycho Chicken

"They'll laugh at you anyway,
So why don't you stand up and be..."

Marillion - Beautiful
I normally live at where I doodle and wibble without purpose or consequence. You can look at my paintings (which some people seem to like), read my drunken travel stories, marvel at my lack of taste in music and movies, and even find out what all this 'Psycho Chicken' nonsense is really all about. Please drop by sometime and be amazed by my vast collection of meaningless dribble.... smiley - biggrin

A Few of my favourite things....

1. Marillion - the best band in the world ever. Honest guv.
2. Beer - smiley - alesmiley - tongueout
2. Chocolate - smiley - chocsmiley - tongueout
4. Tom and Jerry cartoons. Fred Quimby for president!
5. er.... Comfy Sofas - I needed a five....

smiley - geek I am really rather embarassingly obsessed with music, although my actual performing skills are strictly limited to amusing party guests with my didgeridoo playing. I spend most of my time and money on my hi-fi setup and my unfeasably large record collection and have been unfavourably compared to nearly all of the central characters in Nick Hornby's book "High Fidelity" or indeed the John Cusack movie of same name.

smiley - whistle Dodgy Prog rock is my main thing, but I also love cheesy pop, classic blues and have recently discovered John Coltrane. You can find out what I'm listening to at the moment at playlist, asuming of course I've updated it this month..

smiley - surfer You can usually find me in the vaguely musical areas of h2g2. I am a member of the The Unofficial H2G2 Rock Society, The Campaign For Nothing, the Chocolate Lover's Club, and despite not actually being Scottish, The Scottish Researchers Group. If I'm feeling all deep and philisophical you might even find me mulling over the big stuff in The Forum.

smiley - zen I am generally Taoist in outlook on the world, and think everyone should read the Tao Te Ching, even if they don't think they understand it. It is my deepest belief that we could all be a whole lot happier if we stopped trying to make the world a better place, and let the world make us better people.

smiley - towel I write travel stories for The Post when I get the chance, and yes, I actually go to the places first. There's a handy list of them here so as you don't have to wade through back issues....

smiley - towel These days to be honest it's better to catch up with me on my blog, which lives HERE

What are you talking about??!

Please also say hello to my friends...

You are getting sleeeeeepy... Zantic. Buy her a gin and watch the reaction... smiley - stiffdrink
Munchkin. Purveyour of fine floorspace. smiley - smiley
Toccata. What she don't know about beer ain't worth knowing... smiley - ale


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