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Here's the asylum for my story: FRAGMENTED. Nobody wanted it, nobody asked for it, but I need it for space.
It's what I like to call 'sit-com style'1.
Feel free to tell me what you think, good or bad. Time taken to read it (and get through the missing words/mistakes) is greatly appreciated.

-Part I: Apocalypse Now
-Part II: The Madness of King's Gorge
-Part III: #In The Brownie's
-Part IV: Blade Runner
-Part V: Die Another Way
-Part VI: The Prosprutarian Job
-Part VII: The Cit. Sense
-Part VIII: Great Expositions
-Part IX: Baxter and Robin'
-Part X: Necropolis Jones and the Infernal Plot Drift
-Part XI: The BaxTricks
-Part XII: Tight Club
-Part XIII: In Production

Tale of the Cape

A short story which is living its life in a flat in the h2g2 Post Archives.
Unlike FRAGMENTED, this writer's sneeze is an easy read and doesn't have the errors that exist in type-up.
In two parts, I thank Awix for his contribution and work on it for which I am indebted... I'll deny this.

-#4 Cancelled

Star Wars: The Lightest Blades

I really don't like fan fiction. It's usually never as good as the proper stuff and other people who know far too much of fan fiction's origin that it looks wrong.
So why this then? Well Psycorp603 wanted me to do it and it's more about the Star Wars RPG Jedi Academy I made than any of the movies, films, games etc. Plus the character is original so no real dependence on any Lucas products.

-Star Wars: The Lightest Blades (On-going)

1Namely there's a plot somewhere with 'situations' occuring more as a one-off with each chapter. Just can't remember where this plot is...

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