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Just wondering about us spicing up the intro a bit too - make it a bit more 'fun' and perhaps without focussing on losing weight, since the 'daily activity challenge' is in fact meant to be about lifestyle change rather than just trying to lose weight. Just thought that might turn people off who are already tired of having tried and tried to lose weight in the past. This is about changing habits. Becoming a more active person in general. And, as I said to you before, even if it starts out just doing ONE active a day more than before, you're already on your way. And the point of posting activities with other members is that it helps with motivation.

I know if I saw a page that talked about joining a group to get more active and lose weight I would go 'ho hum' and move on. Because I've been on every diet there is and also done so many types of exercise things.

But the idea of an active lifestyle change - a daily activity challenge - that might grab people's attention. Because in terms of people who want and need to lose weight, it's never made sense to me to take away their 'crutch' (as the reason they got overweight in the first place was needing food for emotional as well as physical reasons). Better to add something than take something away. Like - activities! And especially physical ones. But again, nobody can change overnight and Rome wasn't built in a day so that's why the challenge is to just keep doing that ONE extra thing a day - and keep posting - and then little by little adding to that. And THEN seeing how by becoming more active other things change in your life. Like, much higher energy levels, feeling happier, feeling more alive! And - surprise! - also not needing to comfort eat so much because, well, you are just too busy doing other more interesting things. You know. Because I also wanted and needed the motivation of having a friends to start getting more active.

Join us, We are a self support and motivation group for Activity in your daily life. Walking, Cycling, Swimming, infact any sort of activity in which you can feel good about your self and that you can do every day.

How to Join
Place a conversation to the bottom, call it "The Activites of $InsertName$" and it will get priority treatment, just record each day, with the title of the reply "Activities $Date$" and the Main page will be updated.




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