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The Quotable Young Ones

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I can definately say IT WAS NOT Mr Sayle smiley - winkeye
I can't find the guys name though.

The Quotable Young Ones

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err, looked a little bit like Danny Peacock.

The Quotable Young Ones

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well, the Young Ones is sort of Old now, but so is the New Testament, relatively speaking. And time is relative.

Given those facts, as well as the fact that this is the Guide at the 2007 stage of internet development, I am led by feeling to insert and explain what has been called a "bump". Generally speaking in the context of typed electronic communications and the like -- to "bump" here is simply to float the conversation topic to the forefront of the list of preestablished discussions, topics and things to think about here at the Guide.

--without saying anything

The Quotable Young Ones

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Dr E Vibenstein (You know it is, it really is.)

I think the fact that the show's 25th anniversary is almost upon us is as good a reason as any to administer, as you say, a "bump".

So. Given that I can't remember which quotes I've already posted and have no inlcination to go back and check, here's my favourite:

"'Ere, there's no chance of using yer toilet is there?"
"I thought not, that's why I pissed in yer garden."

The Quotable Young Ones

Post 45


Mike: (holding a fish): What's this fish doing in my bed?
Neil: It's not in your bed, Mike.

Mike: (empty handed): What's this fish doing in my bed?
Neil: What fish?

Mike: (holding a fish) What's this fish?


Rick: Hands up! Who likes me?


Rick: Neil, Neil, orange peel. When will I see you again?

The Quotable Young Ones

Post 46


Billy (holding cactus on bottom) "What am I now?"
Mike "A pain in the arse?"

Neil - "Open up, Its the pigs!"

The Quotable Young Ones

Post 47


Vivian: Now, I personally own 6 pairs of knickers so I've worn them, erm, 38 times since we last did the laundry.

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