my Article on chris evans

1stly I'd like to start by saying this article had been on my space since my 1st day of membership, it was the very 1st thing I wrote, back in like 2000! The fact that it took this long for someone to decide there was something wrong with it, aren't all articles read as soon as they are submitted? this has been removed due to the fact it contravenes house rules. As being possibly libellous or defamatory. Personally I don't see how it could have been either of these. It was an OPINION! call me old fashioned but I live in England and unless the British Parliment or the European Parliment ban free thought then having an opinion is still legal otherwise how can half the British tabloid newspapers continue to operate without prosecution.

Chris Evans is ginger, that's a fact. He's married to Billie Piper, That's a fact. If I say I think he's a rich, untalented git then that is neither slander or libel, it's an OPINION! Chris Evans spends far too much money (that's pretty factual) and he has a slight problem with the alcoholic beverages (also a known fact), he definately hosted The Big Breakfast, TFI Friday, The Virgin Radio Breakfast Show (he also owned the station for a short while) and Don't Forget Your Toothbrush (we can thank him for giving us Catalina and her excellent legs). Chris created the TV production company Ginger TV.

Funnily enough some so called "homophobic" comments which were an opinion about David Walliams were taken off the BBC POV Forum a few days back. Again, the post was an OPINION. A Personal Opinion.
Again it seems that you can't actually have an opinion of your own on a BBC forum in case it offends someone or is deemed as an attack.

Is the term "a screaming bender" so terrible? Don't people have to know exactly what context I actually mean those words in to be able to even find them offensive? Screaming. Well, their loud and noisy. advertise themselves too much. Bender.
Google dictionary definitions state :-
1. One that bends: a bender of iron bars; a bender of the truth.
2. Slang. A spree, especially a drinking spree.

See, the BBC just assumed they knew what I meant. They infer my meaning. How dare they think on my behalf! I have a brain which I am perfectable able to use thank you very much, BBC!

The Thought Police are alive and well and living in cyberspace it seems.


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