A Conversation for Anoraks - They're People Too

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Hello there chaps

It can be hard to recognise these traits in oneself.

Be warned! if you hang around internet sites like this too much, it is a very good diagnostic sign that YOU are an anorak. Face up to it, go and get your thermos-flask of soup, and sit at the end of London Bridge platform.

Toot toot

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Captain Kebab

Aah, now I think that you'll find that trains calling at London Bridge go 'peep peep' rather than 'toot toot'. If you want 'toot toot' you need to go to Kings Cross. smiley - winkeye

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Captain_SpankMunki [Keeper & Former ACE] Thanking <Diety of choice> for the joy of Goo.

Ahoy fellow captain,

For the sake of onomatopoeic pedantism the trains would sound more like baaaaaahhhhh haaaaaaahhhh.



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