A Conversation for Anoraks - They're People Too


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Pirate Alexander LeGray

The noun 'anorak' is a word used almost exclusively by those who can't do anything.

Thinking 'erm that looks hard,' they assume people that can do things are obsessed, and label them with a catchy and easily remembered phrase.

Almost exclusively they are found in large parties, football grounds, clubs, and mostly suffering from the affects of alcohol, speaking almost exclusively about sex, how good they are at it and how difficult it is to do.

Not much of a surprise there then.


Post 2


I disagree.

It's used by people who *can* do things they consider "cool", such as running fast or throwing straight or dancing.

However, in a technological society such as our own, those skills look less and less like "cool" and more and more like "stuff we used to do when we wore bones through our noses".

More and more, "cool" mean being able to program computers, structure thought, manage data - geek stuff. Anorak stuff. Dancing and running fast will be stuff the poor people do for our amusement.

Yea, and truly, the geek shall inherit the earth.

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