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The Furby is back for Christmas 2012. 2012 Furby is in bright colours e.g. Black White Red Yellow Blue Green and also Pink, unlike 1998 Furby which was more animal or bird like colours e.g. Brown Grey White.

The 2012 version has an app that can be used to pretend to feed the Furby and to translate its Furbish into your chosen language if you are lucky enought to be able to afford the type of phone that does apps.

I haven't yet seen the new Furby in the fur and plastic myself yet because the 2012 Furby is following the example of the 1998 Furby and all the shops are always out of stock when I look. I suspect the suppliers and stockists cook this up between them to make news stories and increase demand but I may just be too cynical.

Furby 2012

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I was looking for toy entries, and I thought of you, BrownFurby, and here I am at the Furby EG entry and here you are! Have you managed to get hold of one yet?

You could post this update to the Editorial Feedback page, and it might get the entry updated. Can't have the Furby entry getting out of date! http://www.h2g2.com/feedback/A388334

Furby 2012

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I have posted a message there.

I got my 2013 Furby this weekend. I am pleased with it so far.

The 2005 Furby was a different shape and didn't look like a real Furby to me. I didn't like it. The 2012 Furby looks the part.

Ears - 1998/9 were fabric , 2012/3 are plastic. This does spoil the cuddlyness of the Furby a bit.
Eyes - 1998/9 were like a dolls eyes with eyelashes, 2012/3 have no eyelashes and are LED screens.
Colour - 1998/9 designs were based on real furry creatures and named based on that. Mouse/Leopard/Giraffe etc so browns and greys were typical. 2012/3 are bright colours, the first batch were monochrome and second batch two tone with the fur a contrasting colour to the ears and eyes.
Computer Programming - The 2012 has multiple pesonalities and will change if you are nice or mean to it and also has an i-phone app.

Furby 2012

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h2g2 Guide Editors

Hi BrownFurby. We replied to you in the Editorial Feedback thread: F47997?thread=8299385

Furby 2012

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Yay! Glad you got your Furby, BrownFurby, and glad it lived up to expectations. I missed them totally the first time round, but I must say they look like something my son would like, especially with the upgrades. I have made a mental note to remember this well in time for his birthday.

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