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How to Kill a furbie in style.

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Part 1: Microwave it for 5 seconds. This will destroy the electronics.
Part 2: Freeze it.
Part 3: Boil it.
Part 4: Remove the fur.
Part 5: Use the fur as a glove puppet.
Part 6: Remove the eyes and place them in your eye sockets with your eyelids closed. Nomatter what you look like, you will look lke the baddie from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
Part 7: Beat the hide-less furbie witha shovel and a brick.
Part 8: Bury it.

How to Kill a furbie in style.

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i just threw mine into the air and shot at it,

took 30 shots to stop it talkling, eventually i just unloaded into it, at point blank range, im still not sure its dead,

i think that they are a proto-type for the terminator

it'll be back!

How to Kill a furbie in style.

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Hi, I make small movies with my freinds, we are known as Harry and Josso Productions, www.harryandjosso.co.uk , Only today I purchased a Furby to destroy. It will involve explosives, and possibly fire. Maybe even height. The footage will be put online once its filmed!

How to Kill a furbie in style.

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... you all have issues. incidentally rubber talking fish are much worse than furbies. so there.smiley - cake

How to Kill a furbie in style.

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I once saw a drowned furbie rolling in the waves. It was a wonderful sight and seemed like a scene from a surreal film - perhaps you could try it in your films?

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