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I have actually heard and witnessed a furby state something which was not programmed into it. It was not it's voice, and it distinctly said, "Here, kitty, kitty." In a female-ish voice. They can learn. They must be sent to destroy us.


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Come on, everyone knows that was just a clever marketing idea... tests have shown that furbies have a simple one-bit sound sensor - they either get 'no noise' or 'loud noise'... they can't actually hear individual sounds.

Of course, it's possible that your furby is posessed... *shrug*.

smiley - fish


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Actually, it was witnessed in front of a group of about 10 people, spirits, and other assorted beings. I can record this for you... but that is rather difficult as it was not my furby... My furby has yet to repeat anything, due to a loss of batterys. As such, it says nothing. I have no doubt that they actually hear things through that one-bit processor, which cannot be a simple one bit processor, if it is able to differenciate between different words in Furbish and English.


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Mr Tambourine Man

I know someone who taught his furby words that the programmers would never have taught a toy aimed at young children... This furby spoke these words to me, so I'm not being B.S.ed.


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This is an update... apparantly "Here kitty, kitty," is a teachable thing. I have heard my furby say this to another Furby...
Then the other one said it back. They really are sent to subvert us. They can learn English, and Teach it to another...


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I heard that there was a batch of Furbies that went wrong and started saying all the word they were programmed not to be able to learn. Maybe your friend got one of those.


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It has been reported to me of some who surgically raped the word processor... i didn't see it myself...


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Oh come on. If they really were sent by alien government agents to destroy us or whatnot... Why on Earth would they be saying "Here kitty kitty"?


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Maybe it's Furbie code in English-Speak! smiley - winkeye


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its obiously to lure us into a false sense of superiority,

or prehaps, knowing they cannot wipe out the human race themselves they are seeking allies in the form of those nefarious felines,
call that gratiude, we invite them into our houses, care for them, and they turn our pets against us.

its true you know, our furby used to meow to our cat, im sure they were plotting


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I heard a chilling story from a furby owner a few years ago: He was playing hide-and-seek with his furby and was hiding in a cabinet or something. The furby came right over and said: "Peek-a-boo! I found you!" I'm not sure if this is true, but it's frightening anyway. Beware of the furbies!!!!!

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