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8 bar blues

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I have a problem with the Electric Slide.

It is an 18 bar dance.

This makes it very difficult to "feel" - your article points out that most dances are in mutiples of 8 bar phrases - which fits the music and feels natural. The same is true in most forms of dancing - ballet, Latin American, tap, Irish........

So why is the Electric Slide so commonly taught as a beginners dance?

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8 bar blues

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Cheerful Dragon

I would say it's classed as a beginners dance because the steps are easy. I don't know the dance myself, but I would guess that the dance tempo isn't too quick, either. 'Angel Rock', a dance I mentioned in the 'Quo' thread, has easy steps but a fast tempo (132 beats per minute = 132 steps per minute!), so it's classed as intermediate.

Oh, and the steps are in multiples of 8 *beats* not 8 *bars*. I did mention that I'd seen some that don't fit this rule, but they are rare.

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