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Bagheera: Spellchecker, Grammarian Pedant, Semiquavering Secretary and member of the Punctuation Police

smiley - smileyfound this quite by chance, surfing around more or less blind: please drop in to Pitch 7 and share a few smiley - alesmiley - ale and, of course, Dreamweaver's world famous smiley - stiffdrink Donderglögg!smiley - smiley
At last, someone else who's actually SEEN the animated version of The Hobbit! I saw it many years ago, but I've given up even mentioning it to friends who seem to think I'm pulling their legs!
I was smiley - sadface not impressed, however, with the overall 'feel' of the film, and if I'd been on my own instead of chaperoning a couple of young children I would probably have walked out after the first 15 minutes or so: I thought it was VERY amateurish!smiley - doh Am I being too critical?smiley - erm Comments appreciated! There's plenty of smiley - cakesmiley - popcorn and other goodies smiley - chocsmiley - flan to go with the smiley - alesmiley - coffee etc. on Pitch 7 . . . smiley - biggrinsmiley - blackcat

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Old Uncle Zarniwoop

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Have you ever seen Return Of The King, because that is supposed to be the final third of Ralph Bakshi's version. However, I think that this final third is done in the same style as the Hobbit, and not in the epic scope that made Ralph Bakshi's version so epical.

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Steve K.

I took a continuing education course (non-credit lectures in the evening) on the LOR trilogy a year or so back. Being only modestly familiar with the books, I was very much in the minority in the class, which consisted mostly of hard core fans. The lecturer talked about several LOR films, including Bakshi's. He called them the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I don't recall exactly which Bakshi's was, but I think not the Good. I made a feeble effort with a positive comment, and noticed groans and scowls. A cult following, indeed, with me becoming the infidel. smiley - devil Reminds me of the guy in the cover band who always complains, "That's not the way it is on the CD!"

They were more interested in kibitzing the movies just released, which at the time were in production. Who to play Gandalf? ("Not Sean Connery ...") What style architecture? Should all the actors have the same accent? British? Evidently the director made a lot of good decisions (like Ian MacKellan - sp? - to play Gandalf), my wife (and everybody else ... although the NY Times review was mixed) seems to like the first movie, which I haven't yet seen.

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Old Uncle Zarniwoop

I bet that was cool

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Plastic Squirrel /Back, on the good foot, and doing the bad thing

The Hobbit and Rotk films are decidedly inferior to Bakshi's masterpiece (I love that movie!) mostly due to all the singing smiley - bleeping Orcs! And Glen yarborough's minstrel, totally awful.

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Old Uncle Zarniwoop

I got the Remastered Version of LOTR by Ralph Bakshi for Christmas !!!

Now I can watch it in perfect picture and sound !!!

Class !!!

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At last, I know where that cartoon I saw years ago with singing orcs came from! Fantastic! I've got to get a hold of it...

Isn't there two versions of the Bakshshi version of LOTR...no wait, I'm thinking of 'Wizards' - apparently there's a censored(!) USA version and a proper version floating around. That's an excellent Bakshi effort as well...but I reckon Fritz the Cat is the best thing he did. smiley - smiley

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I have been trying to figure out something for a while now. Styx had a song on their "Pieces of Eight" album, entitled, "Lord of the Rings." I have been searching without any luck to see if it was used in the animated film. If anyone could tell me whether it was used in one of the films, or just a tribute to the books, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Old Uncle Zarniwoop

I think it wa just a tribute. The animated version uses a classical style score written at the time.

There have been many tribute songs. One example is Rush's Rivendell on the album Fly By Night.

Hope I could be of help

OUZ smiley - smiley

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