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What about the non-animated movie(s)?

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Yoav Feuerstein - The Phantom

Which the first of them 3 came out to theatres just now?

What about the non-animated movie(s)?

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Here's what I know about it.

I am assuming that you are refering to the one that just came out.

"The Fellowship of the Ring", being the first book in the trilogy, is the first movie out. You should go and see it, as it's quite good.

"The Two Towers" will be released next year, and "The return of the King" will be out in 2003.

I won't put any spoilers here, except to say that the movie is worth watching even if you have read the book.

What about the non-animated movie(s)?

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Decaf Silicon

Wouldn't it be helpful to make a notation on the article itself as to the new series? This may clear it up for readers who never heard of the earlier films but have, of course, heard of the new ones (which, I may add, seem to be coming along beautifully).

Also, I didn't catch a description of the animated _Hobbit_ movie. I'm sorry that I know nothing about it except that I saw it in Jr. High, and that I strongly disliked it. My opinion now would likely be more approving, but still...

Anyway, glad to be of help -- if I am.

-- Nick Douglas

What about the non-animated movie(s)?

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Yoav Feuerstein - The Phantom

10x for both of you, about the new movies- I know when they came out or will come out, and I've seen "The Followship of the ring" last Friday. A very good movie, although I didn't read any of tolkein's books.

What about the non-animated movie(s)?

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Lady Amara Xylona of the Elves

I'm completely with you guys on the new movie. I've seen it 4 times and can't wait to go back! I'm 3/4 of the way through the book and that's equally fantastic

What about the non-animated movie(s)?

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Yoav Feuerstein - The Phantom

So why don't you get on DVD or something?

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