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How timely!

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

Recently (in the past few days) on either Coronation Street or Dr Who, I
spotted a 'golf sale' placard lying sideways against a wall in the background.

It was huge and having never seen one before I had to pause and rewind
to make out what it said. It was never fully on screen but half of it appeared
in two different shots. Putting the two halves together in my mind it read
(in full caps) 'GOLF SALE'.

It was obviously an 'in joke' by the director to have it in the shot. But because
we have no such like in Canada, I didn't quite get it, so your entry is most
timely and much appreciated.

smiley - ta

PS: We are 11 months behind in Corrie St and six weeks on the new Dr Who
so I can't even begin to suggest which episode to look for. But Norris Cole has
just 'buried' his brother and the Doctor was a lodger in a two storey house that
actually wasn't. (Interesting football sequences!)
smiley - football
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How timely!

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Icy North

I confess I didn't spot that Golf Sale reference, but I'm not a Doctor Who fan, and I've not watched Coronation Street for around 25 years.

If I ever notice anyone watching Corrie I find myself asking irritating questions like: 'Is Deirdre still thinking of marrying Ken?', or 'Does Curly Watts still work on the bins?'

Sorry if these are spoilers in your part of the world, jwf smiley - biggrin

How timely!

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

smiley - laugh
Far from spoilers, fond reminders of better times.
smiley - cheers

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