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Base 13

The best way to get around in Paris is the Metro system. Coming from Southern California, that certainly was a new experience. When I went there with my class in April, we got to know the number 6 line pretty well. Our teacher warned us about the pickpockets though. None of us got pickpocketed, except for her of course! Anyways, a lot of the tourist stuff applies for Paris: don't carry too much, dress like you would at home, and say 'merci' instead of 'thanks', even though you just finished an entire exchange with someone in English. If you're just walking around with people, try not to crowd the sidewalks, and (if you're in a group of teenagers or other talkative people) try not to converse too much or too loudly in English.


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Researcher 183617

We must add, of course, that the animosity is particularly against those with an American £ngli$h accent... Those with a UK English accent are generally viewed as lacking firm orientation.


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Bob Dodd

And the best way to walk long distances in Paris is to use the Metro... If you are only going one or two (sometimes 3 or 4) stops on the metro, you walk further finding your train than you would walking directly to your destination above ground.

It's the same with the London underground in parts of the central zone, it's not just a Paris thing.

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