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Dress Appropiately

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Go-Go Girl

Dress appropiately for your environment. What is appropriate for the beach is not for the city i.e. trainers, shorts and gimmicky t-shirts (e.g. I Love NYC) will certainly mark you out, no matter how hot. Save very casual dress for very casual places. Who has not noticed how easy it is to spot American tourists a mile off in places such as Rome, Paris and London?

Avoid carrying rucksacks if at all possible. Whilst perfect for trekking halfway up the Himalayas, in an urban environment you might as well have "TOURIST" stamped across your forehead.

Dress Appropiately

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You can call me TC

Quite. If you want to be taken seriously and not be taken for a ride, dress as you would for the office. Most of the people on the streets of Milan, Marseille or Malmö will be dressed like that, too.

There is no need to carry more stuff than when you are at home, is there? When you go for a walk or a window-shop at home you don't take a complete packed meal, a first-aid-kit, a change of clothes for wet weather, cold weather, a hat, an umbrella and your sponge bag with you. Why do it when further afield, then?

You need no more than what will fit in your pockets. Identity, money, some tissues, lipstick, maybe a jacket if it might be cold, or if it looks like rain.

Dress Appropiately

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Great advice this. If, however, you're coming to the tropics, you only have to remember one thing.

Never, ever, ever, ever, wear dark socks with shorts. Wear white socks, or no socks at all. If you go to Bermuda, buy some Bermuda shorts and Bermuda socks, ok? Just don't wear dark socks with shorts.

It's a quicker giveaway than a camera around the neck.

Dress Appropiately

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You can call me TC

Socks with sandals is awful anywhere - either at home or away. Dark socks is worse - and synthetic dark socks defies thinking of.

Dress Appropiately

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Appropriate dress for women may also need to consider religious or cultural conditions of the country you are heading for, like the arab regions (hide your hair!!) or hindu countries where women traditionally cover their legs comletely. Once you get there, however, you might be irritated to see that young local girls are wearing exacty what the guidebook listed as banned; tank tops, short skirts, tight jeans. BUT, with them it is acepted whereas YOU (if you are western looking) will be getting glances or comments no matter how grubby your pants or how baggy yout shirt. In India, indian men actually take day trips from the cities nearby touristy beach resorts to come and stand on the beach (yes, they STAND on the beach ALL DAY, occasionally trying to sneak-photograph you) and drool over the meat market which is displayed; western girls in bikini. For them ths must be the playboy in real life. smiley - winkeye

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