A Conversation for Tea


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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

...yes, when you think about it, it's a wonder the Japanese haven't come up with a cyber-tea ceremony.


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with virtual reality helmets and you could score points for your tea eticet. hmmmm.... john are you stalking me? your everywhere!


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This is surreal.
Are we REALLY discussing tea????


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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Yes to tea; no to stalking. I've been popping in and out of a lot of forums. You'v'e written some amusing things. That's all.


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why thank you! smiley - blush


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UMMM. Exactly what do you garden.
Wouldn't be tea by any chance would it.
Personaly I rekon instant cofee is the go.
Try a coffee bomb.

Take a glass.
Half fill it with cofee.
Fill the other half with sugar.
heat it until the cofee melts.
Slam it down strait away.

That will give you a caffine rush that will keep you awake for years.


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While a microwave may be useful for instant coffee, a far better tool for instant coffee is the common kitchen sink.

Instant coffee is a contradiction in terms.


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I never realised that there was actually a recipe for a caffeine bomb, I just knew the song. And as far as microwaving tea is concerned, well, you might as well nuke it. I'm much more in favour of putting the tea bag and milk in the cup and adding some boiling water to that. Even if you let the milk and teabag stew overnight, it still makes a smooth cuppa.


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I ws wondering if you were making a subtle reference to the almighty Wildhearts in your tea related conversation??

Indian Tea

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being the daughter of indian parents, i feel i must comment on this. this is how to really do it:

get some buffalo milk. add a little water. boil it. add some black tea leaves (lamsa tea (chocolate flavored) is AMAZING). boil it for a while...the milk should be pretty darkish orange. then add in a couple of spoons of sugar per cup. YUM.

ok - if you're not in india, do it this way: buy PG Tips brand tea bags or loose tea. boil some bottled water, add the tea and boil about five minutes! add about 2 tablespoons evaporated milk and 2 tsp. sugar per mug. yum yum yum...


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Jenny and Fred the cheese

Tea is not just a drink it is a philosophy, the whole process is clearly part of a subconscies religion followed by every trueborn English citisen (including those born in other countrys) the early mourning dicision; to have a cup of tea or not to have a cup of tea? (or in some cases to have a cup of tea or to miss the bus, i usualy choose the former)to use a teabag or to go the whole hog? to other members of the household wan't some? is it worth making a pot? the deep phsicological thought processes gone into making these decisions is never truely realised.


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Researcher 27603

What's wrong with Guiness and Cherryade? I drink it all the time. Mind you I will not tell you how many pubs I have been thrown out of by irate landlords who think I am pulling their mein host(ly) leg!

Tea fanaticism

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QuadBee (39130)

Speaking as an ignorant American I just gotta say... you guys have got to be kidding! Forgive me while I fail to stifle a laugh or two.

I mean sheesh! And people make fun of me cuz I used to watch Star Trek like an addict, I have memorized as much Monty Python as I fit into my little ignorant American cranium, I consider the Star Wars Saga a religious option, and I can argue for hours with anyone who cares to about whether or not the BBC just completely messed up what Marvin the Paranoid Android is supposed to look like.

People have called me freak, obsessive, and just flat silly. However, you all are going on and on about TEA and how it should be prepared and whether or not to strain the leaves out and how dark is it supposed to be and do you boil the water and what's the Ph balance and on and on and on.

I mean granted I'm being a hypocrite by making fun of you tea afficianadoes, but I couldn't help but notice the correlation here. I'm sure there are tea fanatics (present company accepted) who have insulted, laughed at and turned their nose at those with a deep love and appreciation for science fiction or comedy, then the tea lover immediately turned around and performed some obscure superstitious lucky hand gesture in honor of tradition before gingerly picking up just the right tea cup with their fingers positioned in just the right way, being careful to blow on the surface of the tea gently with their own breath a total of three times, because some englishman vacationing in Wales who was an authority said it is absolutely necessary to blow three times before drinking.

Me? I only drink tea if it comes out of a can. *glugglugglug!*

Tea fanaticism

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O-the-O (R 30565)

Anyone who feels something is important (you with the options outlined above, us with our bizarre tea rituls) should be allowed to conduct themselves as they see fit. and there is no doubt that tea is truly important. Just ask the chimps.

Tea fanaticism

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O-the-O (R 30565)

Of course, having said that, the chimps cannot be relyed upon. They don't know the difference between pyramids and tetrahedrons. But don't let my pedantry bother you.

Billy Tea

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SPINY (aka Ship's Cook)

Agree totally with the no washing policy. Freaks me out when people come to stay and you see them trying to scrub the brown scum from the inside of the pot. And the bigger the pot the better the taste, and it should be china and brown.


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QuadBee (39130)

I committed a cardinal sin of tea drinking that is beyond anything anyone could ever possibly imagine.

This past Sunday afternoon, at Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie Texas, I combined Lipton Iced Tea (and just Lipton alone probably makes some englishpersons gag) in a wooden mug with an equal amount of...

Get this. You ready?

Red wine. Iced tea and red wine. And then -and this is the clincher- I actually drank it! All of it! About 32 ounces I'd say. And I'm here now to tell you I survived.

I do NOT recommend it. Frightful taste.

It's just really hot down here in Texas. It seemed like a good idea at the time...


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Fission Chips

Just to break with all traditions and annoy everybody, I percolate tea in a coffee percolator. Really screws up the filter though, but keeps the tea warm without the 'stewed' taste.


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Then drink water.


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Jenny and Fred the cheese


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