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I am not happy with the quality of tea that I am getting from teabags and I have decided to go back to using loose leaf tea in a teapot. As I live alone I shall be buying a small teapot. Does anybody know which is the best type to get - a metal one or a pot one? I've always believed (with no good evidence!) that a metal pot would be preferable as it would dissipate less of the heat of the water than a pot pot, if you see what I mean - but maybe the pot pot is more efficient in stopping the heat from dissipating into the atmosphere - I don't know. Can anybody help please?


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Hmmm, I'm a coffee drinker, so I'm not much help with tea. Though I have noticed that my coffee seems to taste better from a bone china mug, but maybe that's just my imagination. smiley - smiley

You'd get a better response to your question if you posted it on <./>Askh2g2</.>

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Ah ok - I'll try there. Thanks.


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The teapot you seek is called a Brown Betty - _smiley - chocolateteapot_
First manufactured at Stoke on Trent in 1695 they continue to be made there to this day. The Brown Betty is the archetypal English teapot

- A true Brown Betty is made using a special red clay found only in that area
- The brown colour that gives its name derives from its traditional Rockingham glaze
- Its iconic globular teapot shape reduces heat-loss by having a minimal surface area
- The shape also facilitates an optimal circulation of tea leaves.

I have one! it's surprisingly lightweight and therein lies the secret; the low density ceramic insulates well compared to teapots made of metal or stoneware. Such alternatives tend to quickly draw the heat from boiling water due to their greater mass and conductivity and are thus less likely to release a tea's fullest flavour.
Mine is a contemporary Adderley Ceramics 4 cup Brown Betty which neatly combines with a finum tea basket. It is truly a delight to pour, delivering a perfect 'solid column' of water (tea) with not a hint of dribble; a marvel to behold!

The Brown Betty's reputation as the perfect teapot is long established and well deserved.

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