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Coffee vs Earl Grey vs Chamomile

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Jhonny Heist

Oftentimes, especially in America, tea is passed over for it's muddy cousin, coffee. Many people often (incorrectly) assume that "I need my coffee in the morning; tea just isn't caffinated enough to give me that 'pep!' I need to set upon a day of misery in a cloth-covered box!" They are in fact mistaken, as Earl Grey (for one) has been shown to contain more caffine then your average cup o' java.

On a personal note, if I were forced to squeeze into a hellish maze of cubicles every day, I would probably forsake the 'pep' of Earl Grey or coffee for something more herbal, perhaps chamomile. I have found this to be one of the best ways to begin a day of tedium and work, following this down blanket in a cup with an actually down blanket, and shortly thereafter, a nap. And when you get the call, after telling them to zark off, another cup of chamomile will help you return to the sweet lands of dreaming.

Coffee vs Earl Grey vs Chamomile

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I drink green tea myself, as caffiene withdrawal is awful!

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Coffee vs Earl Grey vs Chamomile

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

I believe most tea has more caffeine than most coffee, but the caffeine in tea tends to stay where it is, in the leaves: it doesn't dissolve (or come into suspension) in the water. Well, some does, but not the majority. So you get more caffeine from coffee, even though there's more in tea.

I think.

Don't quote me on that; it's just off the top of my head and could be wrong.

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