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Lupa Mirabilis, Serious Inquisitor

And categorizing does tell us something we don't already know: it helps us decide which things are really the same, so that we don't have to argue about how to rank things that belong in the same category and thus have the same degree of usefulness.

Sticks again....

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third asst. eng.(deuce of clubs)

Sorry in advance

I have to disagree to someone who can tie a few basic nots rope/string is far far far more vaulable than a bungie or outher elastic. so it can not possiably be in the same group as usefull rope

Sticks again....

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But a bundle of assorted bungee cords does have it's uses (I should know, I got one for the holidays), and most bungee cords are more durable than your average string.

Unless you're talking about those hyperdimentional strings everyone's getting their pants in a knot about.

But that's a whole other topic, isn't it? smiley - smiley
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Sticks again....

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third asst. eng.(deuce of clubs)

thats true I suppose but small stuff (rope btween 1/16th and 1/2 an inch) is certinly very usefull and you cant tie something together with bungee.


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Simon the Frog (Ribbit)

What's brown and sticky?

A stick!!!


(I'll get my coat, shall I?)


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Simon the Frog (Ribbit)

Hey, that reply went to the wrong conversation.

Oh, well.

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