A Conversation for Sticks

Not forgetting...

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...The edible stick.

"Baguette" is simply French for... yes, you guessed it... Stick!!

Greatest joke in the world

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Also not forgetting that "a stick" is the punchline to the worlds best joke:

What's brown & sticky?

Greatest joke in the world

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Don Malvado, so bitter my cat won't even lick me

Ho Ho Ho, is there no end to the uses of the pointy stick

Bent Stick

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Red (and a bit grey) Dog

Ironic that the aboriginal bent stick didn't get a mention - the one called a boomerang that you can`t throw away (as featured in Blackadder II).

Red Dog

Bent Stick

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OR [from the other point of view]
What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?
A stick

Bent Stick

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Don Malvado, so bitter my cat won't even lick me

ha ha

Greatest joke in the world

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Bareback Rider

One of the best known uses of the STICK out West (besides regaining control of an unruly, out-of-control, knot-headed horse !!!) is using it to encourage an irate rattlesnake to go away and leave you alone before it's venemous little head gets whacked into an unidentifiable heap of mush and being cooked and devoured as a "RATTLESNACK".


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Hmm, I always percieved the stick-snake relationship as being less violent...you use the stick to flick the snake mre than twice its length away -- then it can't reach you. Isn't a digiridoo (and many other instuments) just a hollow stick? What about dipsticks for checking oil? Popsicle sticks? Toothpicks? Scratching posts for cats?

and of course...


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Martin Harper

Wouldn't you need a very *long* stick??


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a yard or meter stick'd do it

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