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Is that true?...

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stupidgirl,notanace,possiblyathree (Keeper of thingummies, wotsits and oojamerflips)

Is that true about the hardness of your water? Reason I ask is cos I used to suffer terribly with dandruff, and so did my house-mate, but since we moved out to different areas, it has mysteriously cleared up! This could be the explanation!


Is that true?...

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Cheerful Dragon

Dandruff is dead skin in small flakes amongst the hair. I understood that one cause of this is microbial, hence the comment in the article about not sharing a comb with some-one who has it if you don't. As far as I'm aware, the 'hard water causes dandruff' thing is a myth. I live in a hard water area (we need to use a filter jug to stop the kettle furring up), and have done so for years. I don't suffer from dandruff and never have, even though I grew up in a hard water area. (I live in Redditch and grew up in Coventry. Both have VERY hard water!)

Is that true?...

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Goddess PinkFluffyDuck ruler of all things!

nah i believe that!

i grew up in Solihull which has soft water and never had dandruff, then i moved toportsmouth where the water is VERY hard and had very bad dandruff from the day i moved down there, and no ammount or special shampoos would clear it up, then i moved back to Solihull and it magically went away again!

Is that true?...

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Haha, I'm a bit doomed with dandruff. Live in a hard water area, and most of us (4 people)end up sharing a brush and/or comb. And wearing black. Small wonder we like snow.

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