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Well that caught your attention didn't it smiley - winkeye
I find that over the last year my hair hasn't been any real problem at all. The main problem with very short hair (and for people balding as well) is that not only does the head get colder easier, wear a hat, the scalp is quite liable to sunburn again, wear a hat.
I cut it short using a set of clippers. Having my own clippers means that I can cut my hair when I want and saves money over getting it cut every month or two.

ps any pictures you see of me from the 2000 christmas meet will have long hair (for me) as I've now cut it since smiley - smiley

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Is mise Duncan

I agree - cut #1 with your own clippers is the way to go.
Unfortunately my SO, mother and work colleagues don't agree *sigh* but fortunately I have my own clippers so they can't hardly stop me smiley - winkeye

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This cracks me up. I think very few women would consider cutting their own hair with a pair of clippers, although it's a very reasonable thing for men. smiley - smiley There IS a detective character in the novels by Sue Grafton who cuts her own hair with a pair of nail scisors. I wouldn't trust myself to cut my own hair. It took a long time for me to get the hang of curling my hair while looking in the mirror. Imagine the tragedy of getting that practice haircut. My uncle does cut his own hair with a pair of clippers and I will often notice he leaves the bathroom with nicks when he's done. What do you do about that?

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Is mise Duncan

I have a quite good professional electric head shaver - like the ones you see whenever a film sequence involves a character joining the army.
They have a big guard on them so never cut you and Vaseline do a hair oil product that prevents any raxor burn type irritation.

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