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..personally speaking I prefer chips with my swan and easy on the grilling - dont cremate it - in fact, leave a few of the feathers on !

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Too late.

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I'm with you on this - Patriotic Predjudice is my very favourite too! I don't care about the un-PC-ednes?? of it as I hear it and treat it in the manner it was originally written and performed; as a light hearted tongue in cheek poke at other nationalities.

I am married to an American Citizen and have played this to her (and her family) and they all think it amusing too - no offense is meant nor taken.

Others that I like...

The French Horn
Transport of Delight
The Gnu
The Gas man Cometh
Spider in the Bath

and of course The Hippopotamus song

Best Wishes


flanders and swann

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Well said about not bothering about the unpolitically correctness of their output,Steve.Anyone who believes in political correctness is a sad,boring old fart with no sense of fun.As you rightly commented,their output was very much tongue in cheek,certainly not to be taken seriously.

flanders and swann

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Yvonne aka india

Patriotic Prejudice is one of their best but I also love Misalliance, especially with its overtones of scandal possibly relating to the (then) up-and-coming marriage of Princess Margaret to a non-royal.

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