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Jenny and Fred the cheese

surely its people who matter not power? While the English argue about every petty issue at least they have the sense to complain. When something good happens to me do i cast my eyes skyward and exclaim "Only in the UK!"


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Mr Prophet (General Purpose Genre Guru)

If something good happens it's 'another triumph for Great Britain'. If it doesn't it's 'England loses again'.
Classic stuff; all of it.

The Prophet.


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Furthuring Gosho's comments - F&S were amazing! But I think their own description of their work is still the best:

"The job of satire, it has been rightly said,is to strip away the veneer of lies and cozy half-truths with which we surround ourselves, and our job, as I see it, is to put it back again" MF (which apparently stands for `Mit Feeling' - see `Vanessa')

And put it back they did, you feel good listening to them. But they put our veneer back in such a way as to make us aware of it. They leave us our buffers, but they bring them to our notice, so that we may laugh at our shortcomings, not wink at them.

Well, that's what I think

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