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Post-it stickers also have the advantage of being ideal for the game of guess-what-famous-persons-name-the-other-participants-have-written-the-note-on-my-forehead-by-asking-questions-that-can-only-be-answered-with-a-yes-or-a-no (guwfapnatophawtnomfobaqthacobawayoan for short). The Post-it stickers seem to have only one disadvantage in this respect (hope you Post-it wiz-developers are picking up on this) in that they fall off if the participant in question suffers from excess perspiration due to sickness or the heat of the moment. This spoils the game completely, but it is a relatively rare phenomenon (and I suppose it will be corrected in one of the future versions of Post-it stickers).

By the way - three cheers for the inventors of virtual desktop Post-it stickers, Post-it thus becomming the first functional sticker in history to go online. Nice!

Enough about stickers, I don't even like them that much.

Yours regardless

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RedWills Da Chairboy

Glorify post it notes, the patron saint of remembering appointments!.
Sorry to say this post it note fans but don't be surprised to see this article in the "5 most neglected". Post it notes are flashy enough but need a little more glamour!(not that I'm into all that sort of stuff as the nickname will tell you)

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Zorpheus - I'm so hip I have difficulty seeing over my pelvis.

As far as the post-it-notes falling off of the heads in the guwfapnatophawtnomfobaqthacobawayoan game, you could always augment the post-it-notes with a staple or for those less adventurous, a piece of tape.

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I heard that post-it notes were invented by mistake.
Some not-so-wizz-kid was trying to make a new glue and failed because it wouldn't set.
The rest is history

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SchrEck Inc.

Some more information about Post-it notes:

Post-it notes were invented by a guy named Art Fry at 3m's labs. He was annoyed by the fact that scraps of paper are not very usable as bookmarks because they tend to fall out of the pages they are intended to bookmark. He took advantage of another scientists invention, a not very permanent glue that was rejected because of this reason (nobody at 3m wanted a glue that would not glue, so to say), and he applied this adhesive to pieces of paper and so invented semi-permanent stickers. So he got bookmarks that kept promise.

The achievement of Art Fry were not only the post-it notes themselves, but also the way in which he promoted them: he gave a number of free samples to his collegues. When they were used up (the Post-it notes, of course), he only gave new ones when his co-workers promised to promote them to their superiors to make a marketable product of them. Eventually, he got them to market by plotting a conspiration from "bottom up" rather than going the official way in which bureaucacy had surely spoiled his invention.

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Maybe so about the bottom-up, but 3M has a big tradition of giving its r & d staff lots of leeway to work on their own independent projects as well as the ones they're assigned, then marketing those projects. It sounds like a good place for the curious materials scientist to work.

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Penguin Girl - returned at last

I don't think anyone's mentioned yet the use of post-it notes as a method of communication - That's the only effecient way that messages get passed around my house.

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