A Conversation for Post-it Notes

History of Post-It notes

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The Jedi's Queen

The Post-It note was invented by Art Fry. He use small pieces of paper to mark his place in his church hymn book so he knew what songs he was singing. The papers were always falling out, and Fry remembered hearing about a temporary adhesive created by Dr. Spencer Silver. The glue wasn't strong enough to hold things together for a long time and was forgoten. Fry thought it would be a good idea to put the adhesive on small pieces of colorful paper, and the rest is history. smiley - smiley

History of Post-It notes

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Scotch (3M) has extended Post-It notes by allowing you to use your own paper. The sell a Glue Stick composed of Post-It note glue for use on any paper (and other things); it works great and is very handy.

History of Post-It notes

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So what is the name of the sticky glue used on the back of post-it notes?

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