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There's been life sustained upon Venus, as it is clearly within the laws of physics as to accommodating such an existence of surviving the current status quo of greenhouse.

Though relatively humanly hot and nasty, it is simply not all that hot and nasty within the extended season of nighttime, less hot as you gain elevation, and much less hot and thereby less nasty as your rigid airship gains further altitude.

There is absolutely no shortage of easily available energy, mega tonnes worth of H2O and thereby the likes of O2 and H2 have been accessible to any fool having half a brain of survival physics-101 worth of intelligence to work with, which by the way doesn't require anything of radio, although artificial and/or biological sources of illumination, plus acquiring a nocturnal visual capability that's operating near the peak wavelength of perhaps 450 nm would offer some importance.


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Brad Guth (guthvenus) GASA-IEIS

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