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Life on Venus

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In spite of the mainstream status quo, there has been life upon Venus, at least there is clearly the remains of such that created a rather substantial community, which included a township like development of accommodating a good number of extremely large structures, of multiple complex reservoirs interconnected, symmetrical roadbed and community like infrastructure, a most likely suspension bridge of several km, a large tarmac with service bays below and of something of interest situated on deck, various parabolic issues and even the indications of a massive airship or two, along with various associated attributes of applied technology that simply are not as such anything contrived via mother nature.

GUTHVENUS: http://guthvenus.tripod.com/gv-town.htm

BTW; there's absolutely no shortage of easily available energy upon Venus, and with said energy nearly all things become surmountable. There's also no shortage of H2O, nor of sufficient illumination by which a nocturnal couldn't see just fine and dandy within the extended season of nighttime. There's has been recorded illumination spots (daytime as well as nighttime) that represent having no apparent known natural cause, other than artificial.

The update index to many ongoing issues: http://guthvenus.tripod.com/update-242.htm

Regards, Brad Guth (h2g2 U206251)

Life on Venus

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There is a wise old saying that applies here: What on Venus are you talking about?? Any life on Venus would have been cooked long before it got the chance to build bridges,parks and petrol stations.

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