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Venus Suspension Bridge

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This is for real, as real as any composite worth of 12 looks per SAR imaging pixels ever gets, as sure as hell there is an existing bridge crossing this horrific canyon or rille of perhaps greater than 2 km. This is not any skewed byproduct of anything photoshop running itself amuck, nor of my introducing one damn thing that's not there to be seen.

This is not a freak of mother nature, it is not an allusion, nor is there some other obscure law of physics and/or of geology that has explained upon how such a horizontal span having little if any arch could have materialized and sustained itself.

This is not even the one and only attribute of interest that's most likely artificial, as there are dozens of complex yet symmetrical patterns which simply are not otherwise cataloged as being of anything natural.


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Venus Suspension Bridge

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It's still there to see for yourself, but you can't have a closed mindset about any of this deductive image interpretation, and you'll need a basic understanding of SAR imaging.

Of course the failsafe mainstream status-quo denial of being in denial is perhaps your safest bet for holding onto your current job, friends and family that probably can't deal with the whole truth and nothing but the truth, not that our government hasn't lied to us on multiple occasions, and seem entitled to unlimited do-overs that we also get to pay for.

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Venus Suspension Bridge

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